Friday, May 18, 2018

***Patriotic Picnic and PDF SALE!***

Hey! Happy Quilters!  I'm so excited to finally share this quilt.  It was one of those quilts designed a few years ago with no intentions of writing a pattern.  But after several request for a it is, all 95 inches of Patriotic Picnic!

The name came about because of the red gingham in the quilt.  Perfect for those summer holidays.  Yes, I can imagine me sitting on this with a picnic basket full goodies as Mr. Podunk and I OOH and AHH at a colorful display of fireworks, while sipping on a sweet glass of Strawberry Lemonade.  Speaking of Mr. Podunk, he rarely says anything about my quilts.  But while helping with the photo shoot of this quilt he said "this is a nice quilt, can I have it?" do you tell your sweetie absolutely not, I love it too?  You don't.  My quick thinking swooped in and promptly told him he needed to adjust his end of the quilt...shew that was a close one!

Don't let the name of this quilt fool you.  It looks great in every colorway.  Here's a few EQ drawings for inspiration.

I'm loving this blue and yellow!  Another quilt might be in my future.  With these over sized blocks the quilt comes together quickly.  Hmmm...what about a Christmas version in red, green with a little gold.

It's a perfect quilt for using up scraps.  This 95" x 95" monster would make a big dent in the scrap bins.  Are you digging through those scraps?  Well let me tempt you a little more.

From now until Monday May 21, 2018, this pattern as well as all my other PDF quilt patterns are  20% off in my Etsy shop.  I've changed the prices instead of using a discount code.  It makes it so much easier for you.  The price you see is the price you pay.   You can also purchase most of my patterns as a mailed pattern.  The best thing about the mailed pattern for this quilt is the large applique placement sheet, it's one large piece of paper.  No taping or gluing paper together.  Both versions of the pattern include a quilt coloring page and the separate applique templates sheet.  The template sheet is great for fusible applique.  You can print it from your computer onto the fusible webbing sheet or freezer paper if you choose to do turned edge applique.

Well it's time to put this big beauty to good use in my guest bedroom.  Sorry Mr. Podunk!

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. Perfect for summer! Such a beautiful quilt. I am pulling out my Americana decor this weekend and will keep it out until Labor Day--can't wait. I do need to make another R/W/B quilt but know it won't be this summer..Thanks for sharing. checking out your patterns now... :)

  2. Why in the world would you not give it to your hubby? But you would let it be for a guest?

    1. HAHA! 1.We have no visitors. 2.The master bedroom is in civil war decor 3. He has claimed 4. quilts as his own. 5. the quilts I sale as patterns need to stay in great condition for trunk shows. Hubby is very hard on linens and quilts. He rips them in his sleep.

  3. I Cannot believe it!! You finally did us a pattern! I have been wanting you to do this for a few years now and I just saw that you had done it! Just bought mine from your Craftsy! Thank you so much!


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