Saturday, March 24, 2012

Its done Its done!

There's no earthly reason that it took me so long to quilt this.  But it's one of those quilts with bad vibes.  You know the sly little devil that looks so easy.  You think your going to fly through it and finish fast.   An then BAM, the quilt slams on the breaks and your head hits the wall.  Eventually you end up repeatedly asking questions to the quilt as if it could answer. Why won't you lay flat?  Why won't you line up?   Border how did you get wavy?  Seams why are you so bulky?  The quilt pleaded the fifth everytime.  So I'm doing the same.  Yep theres tons of mistakes that I tried to hide.  Hopefully you can't spot them in the pictures.  There was a lot of time spent asking the powers that be to help me figure out the issues.  Of course that was after a few words of an unladylike nature, causing me to ask for forgiveness.  So I name thee...."Looking towards the Stars"

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