Sunday, June 28, 2015

Clearance Sale at 44th Street Fabric

Just popping in for a quick shout out to Beverly at 44th Street Fabrics.  Bev's a creative and fun blogger that also has an Ebay fabric store.  


She's also a lover of bright happy fabrics.   Her blog  44th Street Fabric is always an inspiration of color.  Just look at these adorable Farm Girl blocks she's working on right now.  You can see and read more about them HERE.

 So when an idea for quilt popped into my quilty mind I knew where I needed to go for the fabrics.  Bev!  I've purchased from her before and know I'll get good fabric at great prices.

My stash is lacking in the color needed to make the quilt....Orange!   I've been super busy this month dealing with dads surgery with no real time for online shopping.  Bev's Ebay store  is always packed full of brights.  Without even looking at her store I sent an email asking her if I could get an orange bundle...   Look at this lovely bundle.

I trust Bev but she still sent pictures of the bundle for my approval.

What an adorable bundle.  Remember I told you I never looked in her store before emailing her?  When I finally had a chance to poke around her store, there was no orange bundles for sale, did I get the last one?   Nope, she put together a custom bundle just for me.  YES!   So if you need a bundle don't be afraid to ask Bev, she's more than happy to cut  up a custom bundle just for you!  And I promise you'll love her prices and quick customer service. 

She's also having a clearance sale on books and patterns.  Here's a couple that caught my eye, but there's much more to choose from here on her blog.

So what's going to happen with my little bundle?  Here's a little peek at my plan.  

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Thanks so much Lea Anne! I'm so glad you like the fabric and I can't wait to see what you make! You are so sweet! XOXO

  2. i love her blog and her shop, i tried to order from her before Christmas but had a problem and couldn't

  3. Those are some gorgeous oranges. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Thanks for sharing the info on Bev's shop. I'll have to check it out. And thanks for the tease of what is to come from your creative corner!

  5. envious that you have these fabrics from Bev, have followed her for a couple of years now but the shipping to the UK makes purchases far too expensive. Orange and green my favourite colours so this bundle really appeals to me.


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