Tuesday, November 27, 2018

~ Starting a new quilt ~

Sure there's UFO's that could be finished and quilt tops that could be quilted but there's also fabric calling out to be used.  How could I deny these adorable little prints the opportunity to become a quilt?  The truth be told UFO's and quilting a quilt just isn't what this ole gal needs.  Right now all that's needed is mindlessly sewing.  Since I've finished with clue 1 of the Good Fortune Mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter, why not make another Bonnie quilt in between the clues for this years mystery.  I didn't make last years mystery quilt, On Ringo Lake, but I did save the pattern.    The fact that it only requires 3 colors and a background also appealed to my quicky nature.

Many of you may see a Christmas quilt with my fabric pull of Red, Green and Yellow.  But I see bright summer quilt to hang over the back of a porch swing.  Using the Electric Quilt Program I quickly recreated the quilt for auditioning different color pallets.  A patriotic pallet was cute and so was a traditional yellow and blue.  But as soon as the coloring was complete using the red, green and yellow I knew it was the one.  Instead of calling her On Ringo Lake, she'll be named On Podunk Pond.  

 Pulling the reds was a breeze, they are plentiful in my stash due to my absolute love of red.  It shows up in almost all of my quilts.   I'm often asked why I love red so much.  Really I've no idea.  Red goes with everything.  Think about that for a minute...red and green...red and blue...red and orange...red and yellow...red and gray...red and black....red and pink....red and aqua...Need I say more.  It's a neutral!  LOL!

The yellows were a little harder to pull.  Not all yellows are created equal.  More often than not yellows can be to lemony or brown.  Sometimes they look perfect until you put them with other yellows.  That's when the brown and lemon really pop.  Putting a yellow with lots of brown with a lemon yellow can make the brown yellow look well....brown.

The green...who doesn't just love green?  Its around us everyday in nature.  Even in the winter time I can look out my window and see evergreens and cedars.  Greens are a little more forgiving when it comes to pulling for a quilt.  The different shades all play well together.  Maybe that's because we see them everyday in nature in so many different shades.  There's not a huge range in my greens but I think its a bit wider than the reds and yellows.

Now my neutrals is where I like to have fun and push the boundaries a little bit.  I really don't care about the print color as much as I do the scale.  There's a rainbow of color on white to light cream.  

Now that I've pulled all I can from the fat quarters and yardage for my the neutrals I remembered hiding little baggie of white scraps when finishing my En Provence Mystery I made 2 years ago.  Click here for pattern. These are the perfect size and ready to be strip pieced.  Don't you just love those little treasures hidden in your sewing stash?  Anything that doesn't need much prep work is AWESOME! 

After digging a little deeper in the scraps I found a few green and red strips cut just the right size.  So why not go ahead and make a few little units before calling it a day.  To hurry this along even faster I used the June Taylor Shape Cut Ruler.  TIP: Mark the cuts with a dry erase marker for quick cutting and less cutting errors.  When your done the marks wipe off.   

 I can't tell you how happy I am about these little nine patches!  It's been so long since I last played with bright and happy colors.  It's my kind of heaven, full of happy colors.  

My six little scrappy nine patches all finished.  I feel like a new woman, recharged and ready to tackle this entire quilt.  But it's late and I need to get supper going and do a few chores.

For supper...a scrappy soup!  We always have both ham and turkey for Thanksgiving.  It's a long story but all I need to say is picky eaters.  Many of the family members took home leftovers but we were still left with quite a bit.  So it's time to put the scraps to use. Yesterday I boiled down the turkey bones with some carrots, celery and onion to make about 8 quarts of broth.  Half of the broth was used to make Turkey Dumplings for yesterday's supper.  Today I used the other half to make a scrappy ham chowder.  I'd give you a recipe if there was one.  But I'm a dumper when it come to soup making.  So if you're a good dump cooker here's what I added but no measurements.  

Turkey Broth
1 small onion
2 stalks of celery
a couple of fresh carrots sliced
a few potatoes
leftover corn
left over ham
a little velveta
corn starch to thicken
salt and pepper to taste

MMMM...comfort food....or as Mr. Podunk calls it....a big ole sleeping pill!

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  1. On Podunk Pond is going to be gorgeous! Your soup looks delicious, too.

  2. I absolutely LOVE your color scheme for this! I agree with you -- it's definitely a summery quilt, not a Christmas one!

  3. Those are cheery colors! Can't wait to see both quilts evolve.

  4. I love your colors! I also use EQ to do mockups, so I can play with various color palettes. Your chowder recipe sounds yummy!

  5. Happy colors that play so beautifully together! Chowder sounds so yummy.

  6. lol! A big ol' sleeping pill! It's true....warm soup on a cold day is so comforting!
    Love your new quilt! With all of those beautiful prints, I think it will definitely look more Summer than Christmas. Have fun with the Bonnie Mystery Quilt too!

  7. Good idea to work on "Podunk Pond" along with "Good Fortune" -- it's how I finished my En Provence when Ringo Lake started -- the leader/enders method works! You must be a Freddie Moran fan, she also used to say red is a neutral. Now that I see your explanation, I have to agree! I learned to love yellow working on Bonnie's Floribunda quilt and now can't wait to make an all yellow quilt. The image you paint of "Podunk Pond" on a back porch railing? -- Priceless! Please share pics when the time comes!

  8. I made your soup with what I had (no ham, no corn) and it was delicious. Thanks!! Hugs, H


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