Thursday, May 2, 2019

~ The "50's" Club! ~

Seriously?!  AARP?   Mr. Podunk didn't get one of these until he was 54.  Is this a belated April Fool's prank?    And just what makes them think I would need a free Bluetooth speaker?  Do they think I have a hearing problem?  Sure I say "huh?" quite often but it's only because I've learned in my old age to tune out the nonsense and the babbling.  

I may not be a spring chicken but this ole girl ain't done clucking yet!  LOL!  Oh I didn't really get my feathers in a ruffle.  It gave me a much needed laugh for the end of a long day.  Then it was out for an evening walk.  Our two chickens came out to comfort me, you know, one old hen to another.  They understand me.

There's so much color happening right now and if you miss going out for a day or two you'll miss the beauty that mother nature has to offer in the Spring.  This is the field beside our house.  The wild mustard is in full bloom.

Our apple trees bloomed a few days ago and the high spring winds have almost stripped away all the blooms.

The apple tree blooms are delicate and the slightest of wind or hard rain and they are gone for the year.

You just never know what your going to find in Podunk.  We found this morel mushroom.  Some Hoosier's will pay big bucks for this nasty little fungus.  They taste like dirt smells so I don't eat them.  We left it in hopes it would spread spores and create a large patch next year.  Then I can sell them to people who like the taste of dirt.  To each their own!

Another thing that grows wild here in the Hoosier state is Dogwood Trees.  There's several on the property but this one hanging over the pond is my favorite.  It's much prettier than the picture.

 As I walked around the backside of the pond I spied a little patch of yellow that was really out of place.  Can you see it at the bottom of the tree?

Aren't these just the cutest?  I have no idea what they are called.  They look like tiny little yellow daisies.

A little farther into my walk I started smelling Lilac.  We don't have a Lilac bush down here by the pond.(yellow arrow points to the pond, its hiding behind the overgrowth).  Then I spied them!  Lilacs!

How on earth did this get here?  Did I plant it?  Getting old and forgetful?  Surely not, I'm only 50 and barely qualify for AARP.  However they came to be, I'm glad they are here.  They smell so wonderful.

A peaceful walk, just enjoying the sights and sounds.

The jungle in the picture above leads to this bridge.  It once was beautiful spot to stop and listen to the water as it flowed into the pond.

Looking to the right we see the pond.

And to the left....GRRR...neighbors trash.  Guess what we'll be doing this weekend.  Trash detail.  This is one of the downsides to rural living.  Not all folks out here appreciate nature.

 That's okay there's still plenty of beauty to be seen on the path leading back to the house.

To finish off our walk was a quick shower that produced a faint rainbow.  I had to do some photo editing to make it visible in the picture.  Even at 50 yrs old I'll stand in the rain to catch a glimpse of the wonders that nature has to offer.

And I think to myself....what a wonderful world.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your walk. I agree, mushrooms smell and taste like dirt.

  2. Oh Lea, your article and pictures sure brought back wonderful memories of my childhood on the farm in Jackson County Indiana!!! I was born and raised in Valparaiso but moved to the country when 9. I used to walk in the woods and would find a stream and lay down barefoot with my feet in it and look up at the tall trees swaying with the breeze and looking at the rays of sunshine peering through. Oh my, nature at its best. God created all of this for us to enjoy and so many people walk with rose colored glasses and never notice these wonders. I am a Michigander now for 40 some thing years now. I do love reading your adventures and you are an amazement with your quilts and patterns. This ole gal has forgotten a few things too, but not the pictures in my mind of that wonderful woods and yours looks fantastic too. So dear Hoosier, thank you for this article and sharing the pictures of your wonderful walk. Love it. Many hugs to you. Claudia

  3. Am feeling a bit under the weather myself today and all we have had recently in Connecticut is grey skies and rain. It was lovely to see the beauty of your walk.

  4. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your property. We have wild dogwoods here in AL also. We had several in our yard when we built our house. A few have died over the 25 years we've been here but they are always beautiful! We live in the city limits but are on 3.5 acres so it doesn't feel like a subdivision. Especially since we have wonderful wildlife roaming the woods! That lilac bush is great. I would love one and some wisteria, and a redbud tree!

  5. Wish we had a bridge, I love living in the country.

  6. Hi Lea Anne! I enjoyed going on your walk with you. I could almost smell those lilacs - oh how I love them. And those pretty little bitty yellow daisy-like flowers! I wonder if a certain puppy went along on the walk? Enjoy your weekend - I'm not a card carrying member but have been tempted by AARP for 10 years now. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. I agree...the beauty of nature is breathtaking! You have 2 of my favorites there...dogwood trees and lilacs! Summer favorites are Queen Anne's Lace, Black eyed susies and daisies.... I need to get planting... thank you for sharing your walk with us! :-)

  8. Living in the desert of NE Central Oregon, I enjoyed the green and beauty of your forest... memories of my youth in Western Washington! Morels are lovely, lightly cleaned, and sautéed in butter! Full of protein and good stuff for your body! Thank you for sharing!


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