Tuesday, October 29, 2019

~ Walking the Dog ~ #sewmessy ~

Everyday as soon as the sun comes up Khaleesi and I go for a walk.  We first start out on the road for our long walk.  We walk between one to four miles everyday.  This long walk benefits us both.  German Shepherds are high energy dogs requiring lots of exercise and attention.  Making sure she gets lots of exercise so she isn't so demanding inside the home is a must.  On rainy days when we don't walk she is quite the challenge.  It's worse than having a 2 yr. old child.   The walk for me is about staying healthy and active.  We quilters tend to get a little thick in the middle if we don't take a stand, literally!...LOL!   With Autumn in full swing our walk has become more about visuals and less about being inside my head.  The picture below is the field beside our home.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  

Once we finish our road trip walk it's time to let Khaleesi off her leash for a little freedom on the property.  She's calmer after the walk which means she less likely to use the chickens as squeaky toys.

The chickens are very aware of her presence and high tail it out of the coop and across the yard.  

Now we can continue on our nature walk.  The huge sassafras trees are bright red this year.  So lovely.  Honestly I spend more time outside in the fall than I do any other time of year.  The color and smell of Autumn just can't be described.  It's when I feel most at peace.  Sure Spring is great after a dreary ole winter but there's just something about Fall.

On our road walks I lead the way.  But on the nature walks she's the leader.  Well she has boundaries that we enforce but as long as she stays inside those boundaries she has totally freedom.  Let's see where we end up today. 

As usual she moves much faster than I.  It becomes of game of where's Waldo.  She came down this path but is now out of site.

Sneaky little gal.  I find her relaxing and waiting for me down the next path.  Looks like she's laughing at me doesn't it?....LOL!  What took you so long mamma?

One more stop at her favorite tree before we head back home.  There's a hole in the base of the rotten tree.  She sniffs and paws at it everyday.  Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to look into the hole.  For now instinct tells me I might not like what has taken up residence in there so it's best to just leave it a mystery.

Back into the house so my baby girl can rest and I can get busy doing what needs to be done.  Lots of housework and sewing time for the day ahead.  Before tackling a few chores I check my social media.  That's when I see Mister Domestic has challenged quilters and crafters to bare it all by showing our messy sewing spaces.  Sounds like fun to me so I took the bait.  Below is my #sewmessy studio.  Be sure to go over to Instagram to see other #sewmessy spaces.  With so many beautiful photos of projects in progress or finished, it's nice to see what really goes on behind the cameras.  All I can say is my studio is clean compared to some....well for now.  It has be much worse.  Luckily the challenge came on a somewhat clean day.  Be sure to turn up the sound on my video.

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  1. What a beautiful walk!! and I love that that is the way you start your day!! She was wondering why you can't keep up ha ha!!

  2. sad, unable to play your video. Khaleesi is quite a puppy... Milo is so bored right now, we've just finished the 5th snowstorm in October here in co... a tiresome mess. this one left about 10" of ice and snow and it's hard to run thru so he's pacing around a lot. Your colors are so pretty... ours turned brown after the second snow and cold temps. wah!!! your studio is always colorful though.

  3. What is the fabric checkerboard under your sewing table???? Love visiting your studio and getting ideas!

    1. The board under my sewing machine is actually a pressing board I made. I needed a little height for my foot peddle so it has now serving a new purpose until I need it for pressing.


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