Friday, March 20, 2020

~ Nifty Notions #6 ~ Purple Hobbies Quilt Block Markers ~ WINNER ~

This weeks Nifty Notion is the Purple Hobbies Quilt Block Markers.   These were sent to me by Heather Snow of Purples Hobbies for review.  My review is honest, good or bad.  

So lets get started!  For those of you that like to keep the original packaging for storing your notions and tools you'll love the clear plastic resealable hanging bag.  The letters are in a separate little zip-lock bag.  Both are great for peg board storage.

I felt like the best way to store the markers was right by my sewing machine in my pin cushion.  I took the time to put them in alphabetical order so I could quickly grab the next one needed.  If you look closely you can see pins in my pin cushion with numbers on them.  This was my cheap attempt at marking my quilt rows.  They were functional but hard to see.  The Purple Hobbies Markers are much easier to read.

I realize not everyone has a big pin cushion for these markers.  And every time I show my dresden pin cushion I get tons of request for the pattern.  It was made by me flying by the seat of my pants which means I didn't have a pattern.  But today is your lucky day!  No I didn't write a pattern but I found a FREE pattern that is very similar to mine.  Click here if you would like to make a big dresden pin cushion. 

Okay back to the review.   These are super easy to use.  Big enough to grab easily but they do not interfere with piecing.  And unlike some markers on the market, these can be pinned to the fabric not just lay on top of them.

And would you look at that, I can see them even when I drop them on the floor.  Orange sticks out like a sore thumb in my Studio.  As many of you know I'm not a big fan of orange, so it's the perfect color for not blending into my quilts.  I love them so much I'm planning to purchase a second set for when I need double letters for pattern pieces.

All of the Purple Hobbies Tools are available in several colors.


 Well since you can use the code below at checkout  for 20% off your entire cart at Purple Hobbies Website.  I think it's a good deal!  And since they are plastic they will last forever.  I've made and replaced several paper markers over the years.
PodunkPretties expires the last day of the year 2021

2. Ease of use
Very easy to use and easy to find when dropped on the floor.

 3. Efficiency
Yes these markers cut the time off the time it takes to construct a quilt.  They made the organizing of the pieces and blocks much easier.

If you would like to see more Nifty Notions reviews click the image below or in the sidebar of this blog. 

Okay now let get to that winner from last weeks Giveaway.  

Congratulations! to Brenda who commented here on my blog.  Brenda I'll be sending you an email.

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  1. I made myself a huge similar pincushion out of wool that I love. Plus I also wrote with a Sharpie marker numbers on my flat head pins too, lol! I have a different system now that I should post on my blog and for my tips section that I have been neglecting.


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