Saturday, April 4, 2020

~ Orange Dots Mask Pattern FREE ~ BEST FABRIC TO USE ~

Just wanted to pop in to share a mask I made for myself.  Please excuse the at home all natural me.  I never do hair and makeup when I don't plan to go anywhere or have company.   Anyway back to the mask.  I have an autoimmune disorder so I wanted the best mask I could make.  This one looked like it provided the best protection without curved piecing.  Quick and easy was important.  It took about 30 minutes to make.   The mask quilters are making with the 3 pleats are great for covering a N95 mask to extend the life of them but don't provide good protection without an N95 mask.  

The pattern I used was designed by Dora Cary Orange Dots Quilts. CLICK HERE FOR THE PATTERN.  You will need to fill out a form as if you were purchasing a product.  NO CREDIT CARD INFORMATION IS COLLECTED.  A PDF pattern will be available for download after you complete the purchase information.

Dora suggests batting as a filter but I chose to use a non woven interfacing because I had it on hand and it has been proven to help filter the virus.  Is it as good as a N95 mask?  I don't think so but it's better than nothing and the simple pleated masks.  You can read more about using interfacing (CLICK HERE) and decide for yourself., there is also another face mask pattern provided on the same page.  

I saw on social media some quilters were having issues understanding the folding instructions for the mask I made.  Dora has made a short video that you can find on her Facebook page.  or on her Instagram This is the one I like best
Below is a screenshot from Dora's Instgram showing her masks being used by some nurses.  You can find the Instagram post by CLICKING HERE.

The next big issue is finding elastic.  I didn't have any so cut the elastic out of an old bra to use in mine.  But I found a couple alternatives for those of you who don't have an old bra to cut up.
First option buying T-shirt yarn.  Here's the article by The Renegade Seamstress about using T-shirt yarn.  There's also a video showing how to make your own.


Stay safe quilty friends!

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  1. Uhhhh-- hairdos, makeup??? I think not--who will even see it?? Hair in pony tail and a
    freshly scrubbed face look-hahaha. That's me sweatshirt and baggy 76
    I feel entitled to be comfortable...
    Any, waaaay, really nice mask--veddy Spring-ey with those cherries...nice work...~ ~ ~ waving to you from afar
    Julierose ;)))stay safe...

  2. me either , haven't had makeup on in weeks. thanks for showing us how to get the patter, stay safe my sweet friend

  3. Pony tail and no makeup is my jam! Thank you for the mask link. My hubby has to wear one to work starting tomorrow. I made the other kind, but this one looks better. Take care of yourself!

  4. Thanks for the heads-up on the new mask pattern: I've made 4 different types so far and am not fond of how any of them work. I find alot of the problem is how glasses interact with the top of the mask, and the fogging that it creates on the glasses. So I'll be giving this one a try tomorrow. :-) Also, it was good to read the article on how effective the masks are with different types of fabrics. I've used batiks for all the masks I've made and given away just for the fact that I know they are a tight weave, so it's good to see it got a good rating. And the no make-up? I never wear it unless it's Sunday and I'm going to you know I haven't worn it for probably the last month! Have a great week! Hugs, H


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