Monday, May 25, 2020

~ Spice Up The Hunker Down ~

Howdy!  Quilting Friends!  Today in Podunk will be spent piecing my Hunkering Down quilt blocks.  The Hunkering Down quilt block is a FREE tutorial available here on my blog.  It's a FREE to download and print.  You can find it by clicking here.

This is where I stopped last night around midnight. The plan is to find a good Netflix series and then let the stitching begin.  I hoping to have them finished and on the design wall by bedtime.  There's a few other things like laundry and feeding Mr. Podunk that I'll be working into piece-athon.

As I make these blocks I need to decide the layout for the finished quilt.  Putting them on point has already been decided.  In my opinion on point quilts have a little more eye appeal.  The quilt below is very tradition.  Some would even say modern.  But since I'm older and have seen this style for YEARS I'll call it traditional.  It's beautiful and would look lovely added to the stacked quilt decor in the spare bedroom.

As a quilt pattern designer my mind is always in design mode.  I rarely know how a quilt will finish until it's done.  So the decision needs to be made.  Do I go super simple and traditional?  Or do I kick it up a notch with applique?  The applique below is still very traditional but adds a little WOW factor to the overall design.  I also thought the yellow inner border added a little more to the traditional look.

The next question would be, IF I decide to do the applique should I add gingham to the center of the flower or stay with the theme of  a two fabric quilt?  Y'all know me and you know I love me some gingham, but maybe it would be better without?  It really all boils down to how much time I want to spend on the this quilt.    

A pop of color is also another idea being tossed around in my brain.  The spare bedroom in the spring is yellow and blue.  How cute would this be on the bed with my lacy white pillow shams and yellow gingham shams?  Then remind myself this is only meant to be a folded and stacked decor quilt.  But it will be big enough for the bed.'s a real battle inside my brain!  HAHA!

Only time will tell what will be.  And it will never be if I don't get my rear in gear and back in the Studio.  Feel free to leave me a comment below letting me know what you think about my design options.

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  1. I love it with a pop of blue. Whatever you decide it will be beautiful!!!

  2. I definitely love the applique and the gingham and bit of blue are both great options. It will be fun to see what the quilt tells you to do!

  3. I didn't like the quilt with just the yellow and white blocks. When you added the flowers in between you were getting there. When you put the blue in there, I fell in love with it.

  4. Well... just when I thought I had decided on the yellow go and show some blue flowers and make it more difficult to chose! lol! If you go with the yellow flowers, the gingham center is nice....and then use gingham for the binding? If you go with the blue flowers, I'd go with a print for the blue and a solid yellow center...
    Actually....I think I like it all yellow more....reminds me of sunshine! :-)

  5. I love the very traditional one color, but the pop of blue does make it something special.

  6. Your designs are gorgeous! Absolutely SPOT ON!!! I love the idea of gingham and the graphic is so pretty. I do like that one much better than adding a second color--although I may be a bit biased against yellow and blue. (Don't ask, lol)! I, too, live in my own version of Podunk, USA but your designs look more like POSH, USA! Great job. Ever since your first post about Hunkering Down back in April I wondered what you'd decide on. I think I will make my own with applique as well, and yes, probably with gingham. I hope you subscribe to the idea that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". Thanks, for sharing, Lea Anne.

  7. I think it needs the added pop of another color.

  8. Its a hard choice but I think I like that little bit of blue for the flowers. Its all very pretty.

  9. Each step along the way is beautiful! It would be a very hard decision if I had to make it! You certainly know how to design beautiful quilts!! Hugs, H

  10. I love the on-point setting with the yellow border, but without the applique. But that is must my take on it.


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