Monday, June 28, 2021

Quilting, Walking and Khaleesi

 Well I'm happy to say I've made very little progress in the Studio.  HAHA!  Seems like an odd thing to say doesn't it?  Well I might as well be happy it about it because being upset isn't going to change it.   But what little I have done has gone pretty smoothly with little to no issues.  Sure there's a few uh-oh's in the quilting but I'm not going to point them out.

This afternoon after doing a few chores I'll advance this quilt and try to at least quilt one more row of blocks and sashing.  Wish me luck because I've busy day planned.

As usual me and my girl Khaleesi will go for our daily walk.  We typically walk at least a mile a day but weather permitting we can walk up to 2 miles.  I'd like to increase it to 4 miles before the end of summer.  Along our walks I like to take in the sites.  This time of year there's always a new pop of color in nature.  The elder gentlemen down road has a very unique landscaping style.  I love this old tire that he has painted gold.  I can remember both of my grandparents had old tires turned inside out and cut to look like tulips.

This is the prettiest Lily flowerbed I've seen in years.  So many colors, Gorgeous!  I think I'm going to need to up my Lily game.  I want a bed full of the bright beauties of all colors.  But I think I pass on the old tire decor.

Last Thursday my girl had to go for her yearly checkup.  She's doing really well but the blood test showed she might have a kidney issue.  They did another test on her kidney and we should find out today if the test was accurate or if it was due to the stress of being at the doctor.  I'm thinking it was stress related because she's very skittish and easily scared.  Crossing our fingers for a clean bill health.

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  1. I think your quilt is so pretty! I get my walking done as early as I can in the morning. Hope there isn't a kidney problem. Happy stitching!

  2. love the lillies. Khaleesi... poor girl I get VERY stressed at doctors too. Did she blow her coat? A sure sign of stress is extra shedding, and panting. Milo starts panting when he sees us drive up to the building.


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