Friday, September 29, 2023

Almost a Quilt Top

 Hello Quilty Friends!  This week has flown by faster than a witch on Halloween.  My plan was to have this quilt finished and shipped by today.

Yesterday evening I managed to piece the bottom two rows together before calling it a day.  As I stood back and looked at the layout before putting them together I realized I really didn't care for the sashing or cornerstones.  Word of warning...striped sashing is hard on the eyes and makes me a little dizzy.

I think the cornerstones would have looked better had I used the colorful prints instead of the black prints.  But this granny is running behind and doesn't feel like bending over or squatting in order to test my theory.  What if I don't like it?  More bending and squatting.  And seriously, would the grandkids really care about the color of the cornerstones?  Probably not. 

The new plan "Quilt till you wilt" and have this girl on the quilting frame by this evening and finished by Sunday evening so it can be shipped next week.  That means three full days in the studio, maybe some scary Halloween-ish movies to set the mood.

I also need to decide if I want to ship on Monday or make a few small items with the scraps. Maybe a pillow, table runner, or pot holders.  Or should I just wait and use these scraps up next year?  There's still plenty of time before Halloween.  We'll see how I feel after the quilt is finished.

Until next time...

I hope you find time to stitch up something sweet!

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  1. The striped fabric is perfect for the sashing but it does make the eyes go fuzzy. The grands will love it though, happy quilting!

  2. Quilt 'til you wilt! I am so stealing that! Really like the black/white non-orange spooky quilt.

  3. What a fun Halloween quilt! Your grandchildren will love it!

  4. Oh yes that stripe is so hard on the eyes, I only use it for bindings and that is easy to do. The pumpkin fabric in the photo of it sandwiched in between the black polka dots and check-is it new if so where did you get it?


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