Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's in the mail!

Deadlines that you set for yourself can be missed.  I was close but it didn't get mailed out till yesterday.  My plan was for Friday..well shucks.  So here its is finished.  Sorry for the blurry pictures I was in a hurry.
The birdies were traced from an image of birds I found on the Internet.   The corner motifs were also a tracing I found on the net.  Gotta  love pictures on the net ... so inspiring.
I think my sister in law is gonna love it.  The colors were chosen because of the information that I found after doing a little research, it said these colors were best for breast cancer color therapy.  Did you know that pink was chosen as the signature color for breast cancer for its healing effect on the skin?  I didn't till a week ago.  My assumption was that it was "titty pink"...LOL   Green sooths the soul and heals almost anything and the purple is to help blood flow, which is good for the healing of the skin.  I also made some homemade rosemary candles and sent those along with the quilt.  An Aroma therapy website suggested the scent.  So there you have it my sister in law has stage 2 breast cancer, she had her lumpectomy last week, and will start chemo with in the next few weeks.  They put in her port when they removed the lump.  And now you also know that I'm a naturalist and believe in more than just modern medicine.  I personally have witnessed two cases of breast cancer cured through alternative treatments and prayer.  No I'm not crazy, I just believe that it can't hurt to add to what the docs are doing.  Even if she doesn't believe my witchy crazy ways , she still love it!  
Until next time "Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"
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  1. A very beautiful quilt. I have always believed holistic and conventional medicine compliment one another; and certainly all the LOVE and healing wishes quilted in this quilt is sure to cure your SIL.

  2. Great quilt. I do hope it makes her feel better.

  3. Your quilt is not only pretty but the thought you have put into has made it very special. I am sure it will be treasured.


  4. Patchwork and applique together create their own healing power. I'm sure she treasures it.


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