Monday, March 18, 2013

A weeks worth

Where does the time go?  I didn't realize it had been a week since my last post.  Time flies when you're busy.  Seems like all last week there just wasn't enough hours in the days.  Yesterday it finally caught up with me, and I crashed on the couch at about 4 in the afternoon.  Slept till 8pm, woke up long enough to feed my hungry tummy, do a little cleaning and crashed again around 10pm, woke up bright and early this morning at 4am ready to take on another week.
So here's some of what kept me so busy.

26- 12.5" Scrappy HST basket blocks, now I just need to decide what type of sashing and borders would look best.  I've narrowed it down to striped sashing with 9 patch cornerstones, or garden maze.  The border is still up in the air, if I go with white I tend to heavily quilt, if I go with color it may change my idea for the sashing.
 These little guys kept me busy for days.  Here's 2 of my favorite blocks out of 13.  
 I've been thinking about sharing my quilt block patterns here on my blog as I make them but I haven't figured out how to do that.  They are 16" finished.   Its not like I can just scan them, some how they need to be spit and put into pdf format. If someone out in blogland knows how to do this let me know.  After I drew these out with permanent marker I figured out how to make the petaled flowers more uniform.  So they will all have the same number of petals evenly spaced.  
 My center design is still up in the air, but for now it's staying as is, might change it later with the progress of the actual blocks.  

My oldest son and his girlfriend came over Saturday evening for super, we had a wonderful time.  I hadn't seen them since Christmas, and have talk to them very little via the phone.  These poor kids have had a heck of a year already but are taking it all very well.  Juggling work, school, her dad past, helping her mom move, they moved....oh my goodness and they still smile...Maybe I'm a little bias but I think they are just the cutest couple.
I've linked up with Judy today, go over and check out what others are up to this monday morning.

Until next time "Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"
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  1. Your basket quilt is gorgeous, and that applique pattern looks like fun. :) They are a cute couple. :D

  2. Baskets are my favorite pattern. Love yours!

  3. The baskets are wonderful and yes they are a cute couple :)

  4. Lovely baskets and patterns.


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