Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mailbox Surprise

Quilty mail is the best!  Yesterday the painting was put aside for a few minutes to childishly rip open THE PACKAGE.  A wonderful box of goodies from the blog hop.  Too many blogs for me to visit each one, there was  around 200!  Anita over at BedofRosesMQ sent me this box of goodies.  First of all I love Eleanor Burns, such a wonderful teacher.  I record all her shows to watch while doing hand stitching.  Anita threw in a few extra goodies, FABRIC!, and some darling little pins from quiltbug.  I had to check out the quiltbug website, it was new to me.  
OOOH...the yummy purple and yellow...swoon!
 Always interesting personal reads in Eleanor's Books
Hop on over to BedofRosesMQ , there's more than quilting, look at this yummy!  
I've always admired knitters.  All I can say is HOW!? Anita can do it all!  I'm in awe of this sweater...
In high school I took a needle work class(no longer available at schools).  It was an easy "A" because momma had already taught me almost every method this class covered.   Every few weeks we were taught something new.  I aced everything EXCEPT knitting.  Finally after many attempts and failing to make anything that resembled knitting I whipped out my crochet needle and made a grannie square pot holder and turned it in.  Mrs. Coyle pulled me aside and let me know that she knew it wasn't knitting.  My argument...I at least deserved half credit for using one needle instead of two!  Sighing she agreed and gave me a passing grade of C-.  She almost had to.  You see we had a class of about 25 non crafty, non sewist newbies.  So when it came time for a new method I could help instruct in one small group while she instructed another small group.  Maybe someday I'll give it a whirl again..Maybe...

Until next time "Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"

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