Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring has sprung!

Happy Spring!  Today is the first day of spring and its COLD here in Podunk, they're calling for a little snow in the next few days.  That's OK because I know it won't be long till I can sit on the back porch and drink my morning coffee.   Hope where ever you are it's sunny and warm on this first day of spring.  To warm things up and get in the mood for spring I thought I'd share with you some cheery vintage fabrics that were found in my stash yesterday while looking for the perfect yellow fabric to go with my new quilt top.  Just how old and vintage?  Not sure, none of these have salvages or dates, all I can tell you is that they came from 3 different quilters, who have now passed.

So many little surprises hiding in there...where's Waldo?

 This one looks like a 70's calico to me

 A panel print

Possibly curtain fabric from the 60's or 70' 

And this little cutie is my FAVORITE, good quality fabric that is just adorable.  The images on this fabric would make cute templates for applique. 

And my collection of GFG.  Some were thrift store finds but most were given to me by my dear friend Connie, they belonged to her mother in law.  She also gave me about 200 hexie pieces to make more GFG blocks.   There's a lot of poly blend fabrics in these so I'd have to guess they are also between the 60's and the early 80's.  The colors are hideous and don't match but still they would make a wonderful scrappy quilt.  Its a wonderful example of how the older poor folk quilted.   If you look closely there's an odd ball sunflower peaking out!
Until next time "Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"

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  1. My grandmother used double knit and made patchwork covers for her porch furniture. Those things wore like iron. My DIL was just looking at a Trip 'Round the World that Mamaw hand pieced and hand quilted for me in 1990. I was pointing out fabrics and telling her where they came from because a lot of them were my scraps from sewing. I did not quilt at that time. Use it up and wear it out were a way of life for them.

  2. I recognize the panel print. Someone made a crib blanket for my son who was born in '81 from that panel. So I would guess it is from late 70's.


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