Friday, February 24, 2017

Christmas Memories ~ Friday Finish

Hello sweet friends! There's a fabulous Friday finish to share with you today.  This quilt is my own design(sorta).  Since it's a lap quilt it was quick and easy.  A few weeks ago while sharing a sneak peek of the quilt I asked my creative followers to help with a name .  There were so many great suggestions.  Thank you so much for your advice.  Taking all the suggestions and rolling them into one sweet and simple name.  

"Christmas Memories

The truck block is huge measuring 24 x 24.  I'd like to take total credit for the  simple design, but it's an old pattern made new by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star quilt company.  While doing a search for a simple quilt pattern for my applique trucks and trees I saw a picture of the her quilt block.  To be honest I've not watched the video.   When saw a picture of her block I drew it in EQ7, then added my own special touch of applique.  

The video is Sticks and Stones.   The jelly roll and most of the other fabrics used in this quilt were custom cut from our local quilt shop "Coffee Cup Quilting"  

 The 24" truck block is 4 of the Sticks and Stones blocks sewn together to make one large block. Then the applique was added.  

 The scrap end pieces of the jelly roll were used to design the background for Christmas tree section in the middle and the thin inner border.

Whenever possible I like to add fabric from the vintage stash.  The vintage brown gingham (not cotton) added a special cozy feel.

And to keep the cozy feel, a simple custom quilting without quilting it to death.

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. Lovely! What a fun use of Jenny's video block and your sweet applique! Very creative on your part. Enjoy your Christmas Memories. It's really a sweet design!

  2. I absolutely love this quilt! Any chance this might become a pattern you share with us?

  3. Christmas apt. Our trees didn't go into a pickup but onto the top of the car but this brings back memories. Thanks. Are you going to have a pattern or the applique available?

  4. Christmas memories is such a good name and a lovely quilt. Jenny shares so many great videos with us so talented

  5. The perfect name for the quilt-which turned out just awesome!

  6. Your quilts are always great, my husband would love those trucks

  7. I love this quilt. It takes me back to my grandmother's in the Arizona White Mountains, and going up the mountain in Grandpa's old 1950s truck to get wood. :D

  8. I love the design and especially the use of the creams and tans. It will be wonderful to pull it out around Christmas. Nice quilting job too.

  9. So cute!! What a great finish: I can't believe that you drew the truck yourself. I wouldn't have been able to make it look that good! Hugs, H

  10. A beautiful finish. Love those trucks, very cute.

  11. nice article great post comment information thanks for sharing.


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