Wednesday, May 30, 2018

~ A Quicky Quilt ~ Free Quilt Block ~

Hi! Quilting Friends!  The last few months have been full of work, work, work.  To be honest I get tired of work...who doesn't.  While I love designing new quilts, the writing of patterns takes away from my real love....making them!  So this past Saturday I decided to take a day off from the work part and just throw together something that someone else designed.  Something that wouldn't require a lot of time.  When I found this video tutorial it was apparent this quilt fit my needs.  The large 18.5 x 14.5 blocks have 8 pieces in them so you can make a big quilt quick.  Here's a link to the video tutorial I used.

The tutorial called for less blocks and a different sashing layout.  If  I can get permission from the designer I'll share my measurement adjustments when the quilt is finished. (Friday)

The cutting for this quilt started on Saturday around noon.   By Sunday around 1pm I had a completed quilt top!  WOOHOO!  That's quick!  No cooking, no cleaning, and I kinda threw hygiene out the window.  A quick brush of my teeth and I was ready to power sew in my jammies.

My hopes was to have it finished, quilted and bound by midnight Sunday.  After all the power sewing I pooped out after a few technical difficulties with my quilting.  But I'm back on track and things are progressing quickly again.  What a fun challenge and change of pace.  Do you ever push yourself just to see if you can do it?

See you soon with the finish! 

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  1. Changed some settings and testing again.

  2. Love, love this quilt! I received the pattern I ordered from you and can’t wait to start Patriotic Posies. I want to make this one, too, now! You are keeping my wish list from getting any shorter and I’m thrilled!

  3. These new regulations are creating some frustrations aren't they?
    Love the flag quilt. Very nice with the low volume fabrics in place of the white stripes. Cool interpretation.

  4. Hi Lea Anne,
    Wow - that comment change has big impacts, doesn't it. So many blogs are having issues with this newest change. Really cute quilt top and thanks for sharing the tutorial. I checked the box "Notify Me" . . . so good wishes coming your way! Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I can't wait to see it finished--I made a similar quilt last summer and absolutely love it! Don't worry about responding--this whole blogger issue is such a pain.

  6. Awesome flag quilt - my favorite, RWB!!

  7. Love your quilt!! I love piecing the tops, but I have far too many tops waiting in the wings to get quilted and backs made, so I have to be disciplined and get those done before I treat myself to another project.

    This GDPR thing has been confusing, hasn't it?? No need to respond. I know Blogger is so messed up. *sigh*

  8. When it comes to longarm quilting, I have learned not to push myself to get things done. When I do, I ultimately end up with a strained lower back that lasts for weeks. It's just not worth it. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

  9. Thats cute! I designed a smaller block like that in 2010 and we made so many QOV's from it. Its a great one - and well loved ;-)

  10. Love, love this quilt! I received the pattern I ordered from you and can’t wait to start Patriotic Posies.



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