Tuesday, October 8, 2019

~ Laura Ashley Quilt Finish ~

It's done!  This simple Disappearing Nine patch took way to long to complete and way to long to photograph.  How long have I been working on this?  Since the beginning of July!  You can see the original post here where I discuss the pattern source and fabrics pulled.

The quilting went very smoothly.  I used a couple of different size heart templates, one made from paper and the smaller heart in the green squares was a plastic template.  Both were traced using a water soluble blue quilt marker, then free motion traced using Superior Threads 100 wt. White Micro Quilter Thread.  

It's my go to thread because it's strong, light and backtracks beautifully.  Backtracking is when a quilter stitches over the same stitches 2 or more times.  In the image below the arrows are pointing to feathers with 2 layers of stitches.  No heavy thread build up!  The light weight white thread also blends nicely with all colors of fabric.  No need to buy several colors of thread that you may never use again.  Multiple thread colors in one quilt requires changing the thread spool may times throughout the quilting process.  

As with all my quilts the quilting isn't perfect.  Picking out quilting almost never happens in my studio.  Quilt show quality they are not.  

Even with all it's little flaws I still love the feathers and hearts.

Here's one of the reason I can't seem to get anything done these days.  My baby girl, Khaleesi, she has come a long way and doing well.  I'd make her a quilt of her own but she still has a lot of puppy bad habits.  Maybe in a couple years when everything isn't a chew toy! 

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  1. Your quilt is especially lovely and the quilting really enhances the D9P. I'm a big fan of hearts and feathers myself. This is a really great way to quilt these quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your quilting is gorgeous! I love all of the hearts and feathers. I'm glad your pooch is doing better. She sure looks happy!

  3. This quilt is simple and gorgeous! The combination of quilted feathers and hearts complements the fabric perfectly!

  4. Your quilt is beautiful! My son asked me the other day how long it takes me to make a quilt. I told him that depends. He said that was a non answer. Not to a quilter it's not.

  5. Gorgeous!!! Love the quilting Lea Anne. I will have to get some of that 100 wt thread. I have used 60 weight, but not 100 wt.

  6. Love your fabrics--using the same Laura Ashley fabric (and machine embroidery with Laura Ashley designs) with the quilt along hosted by Jacquelynne Steves going on now Enjoy seeing your puppy again too :) Your quilting is beautiful. i couldn't do anything like that!

  7. Love your block. I usually don't do applique but you made it sound so easy.

  8. I see no bad quilting whatsoever. The quilt is stunning. Love it's simplicity and the tiny green squares that pull it all together.

  9. Great job, Lea Anne! And it seems Khaleesi is quite comfy on your quilt. So happy to see how far she's come!

  10. Lea Anne your quilt is gorgeous my dear.
    Khalessi looks like she loves your quilt too. Sew glad she is doing well. She is lucky to have you for a mommy.
    Love and Hugs


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