Monday, July 29, 2013

No design wall Monday

Good Monday morning!  So did you sew all weekend?  Its design wall Monday again and I've nothing to share that's new and quilty.  You know how it is with planning, it never plans out!  The plan was to sew in the evenings this past week and leave the day time hours open for canning, harvesting and housework.  Well almost all of the last three were accomplished.   The blackberries are really starting to ripen.
 See this Jungle?  The big berries are in there.  Am I going in there?  MOST CERTAINLY NOT! I stay to the edges where I can see whats getting ready to attack me!

  If you look close you can see them, I'm not getting any closer.
I always carry a garden hoe with me while berry picking.  It serves 2 purposes, protection being number one.  Protection from what you ask.  One, the thorns, I can use the hoe to pull the vines closer and move vines out of the way, and smash down any tall weeds while looking for critters.  And if I'm attacked by some wild beast I can swat at him with my hoe!  Today it was Muskrats!  They are dumb critters.  No I didn't swat them, I stomped my foot and screamed "Get out of here! Go on get!"  And they didn't move.  " Don't make me use my hoe!  GET!"  Finally they scurried off to the pond.  Man that was close, I could have been attacked and mangled by Muskrats.....LOL!  Really they are pretty easy going and don't bother humans, but I still don't want one close to me.  What kinda country girl am I that I let a little ole Muskrat stop me in my tracks....well I'm the " I lived in the city for 15 years kind of country girl."
Well after my adventure in berry pickin, the canning began.  Blackberry jelly, cowboy pickles, sweet cuke relish, and frozen shredded zucchini and a couple of loaves of Zucchini bread to freeze.  I ran out of onions so the Bread and Butter Pickles will need to wait for another day.
 The backing for the monster quilt is sewn together it just needs to be pressed and checked for square.  Look at this mess!  I'm not showing you the worst parts that are to the left and right of this picture.
Normally I end my post with Until next time "Quilt out of Your Comfort Zone!".  I'm going to retire using the same quote and end with something different each day.  Some days a quote, or inspiration, just what ever suits my fancy!


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  1. I don't have anything on my design wall either. I'm at a stand still with my barn quilt, I cannot find the right border fabric, I'm just about ready to say forget the border and just put a red binding on it! LOL


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