Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Throwback Thursday Quilt #2

A couple of weeks ago I shared a scrappy quilt made with every fabric in my stash.  Every fabric I had at the time.  If I were to try this now the pieces would be very small in order to keep the quilt a manageable size.  There were tons of scraps  because there was no plan, no math, just cutting and cutting.  We'll call it Improv quilting, just to make it sound like I had a clue. 

 The original quilt was given as a gift to a dear friend.  When her mother in law saw the quilt she wanted it.  For some reason this batch of mishmashed fabrics gets everyone's attention.  It's not one of my better quilts, but everyone seems to love the no rhyme or reason color pallet.  So when I found out her mother in law wanted the quilt what could I do but make another quilt from the leftovers.  Let the scrap play begin. The white used in this quilt was also scraps from another project.   My first plan below.

 The first quilt was a snowball quilt made using the flippy corners method.  This method always produces HST scrap.  Might as well use them too!

Oh these were the good old days of pinning a quilt sandwich.  A process I don't miss now that I have a frame quilter.

The quilting was simple because that's all I knew how to do back then.
And the binding was made from more of the scrap.

And a few more scraps on the back.  My BFF's MIL loved the quilt.  As far as I know it's still draped over the foot of her bed.

If you'd like to see more quilts from the past, head on over to Krista Quilts for Throwback Thursday.    I'm writing this post early so you may need to click on her home page at the top of the blog to see today's list of Thowbacks.

Oh if you haven't signed up for the giveaway here on my blog you can find it here.

Lea Anne
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  1. what a wonderful use of scraps so colourful

  2. Thanks for showing this quilt. I just found a gigantic bag f scraps that I have been saving to make a scrappy quilt. But never saw anything I liked. Some of those scraps are leftover from making dresses for my girls when they were little so I know they would enjoy those quilts. It is very appealing and have sparked some ideas for mine.

  3. I love your quilt! I've just started making scrappy quilts and have come to like them very much, although I do tend to make them a little bit controlled. Thanks for the look-back.

  4. I don't think you can ever use up your scraps, I have tried! Working on one now and doing another after that, just buying white to go with them

  5. Beautifully done! Love the scrappiness.

  6. I love that quilt. It inspires me to try a true scrappy quilt one day. Thanks for linking up at Throwback Thursday.


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