Friday, May 27, 2016

Sneak Peek at Hello Spring

 TGIF!  So how many of you have a long holiday weekend planned?  Is your plan like mine?  I planned to stay in my jammies all weekend and have my own little quilting retreat.  Curse the man who even tries to step foot in my happy space.  Well the cursing has already started but I'm hopeful to get back on track ASAP.   So how about a little peak at the next free Back Porch Blooms quilt.  Mark your calendars, it will be ready to print on June 7th.  You might recognize the little heart on the flower pot.  It's a freebie quilt block over at Cluck Cluck Sews that comes in several different sizes.  We'll be using the 4" heart variation for the flower pot.

I'm super excited about this one.  The pattern was an impulse last minute project inspired by so many of you!  You gals had so many great ideas for the block.  I took your ideas and ran straight EQ7.  

In true Podunk style I had to add a little applique.  Due to time restraints I chose fusible raw edge applique.  And since I want the fabrics to shine on this project I decided to pull out my favorite thread for machine applique and quilting.  Invisifil 100wt thread is super fine, hairlike but strong.  It melts into your project adding a soft edge without over powering your applique.  But does it really melt if you iron it...NO!   It's a Polyester thread that comes in several different colors.  It's not really clear or invisible.  They call it Invisifil due to it being so fine.  I found it when looking for silk quilting thread.  This was a cheaper alternative that gives the same quality of gorgeous stitches when doing free motion quilting.  If you like quilting feathers but struggle with heavy backtracking lines this is the thread for you.  Backtracks beautifully with out a heavy build up of thread.  

I purchased several spools of this a few years ago from online shop called Soft Expressions.   Scroll down on this link and you'll find single spools for sale in various colors.

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. I LOVE Invisifil! It's hard to find around here, so I buy it mostly online, but every quilt show I go to I look for their exhibit (they're Canadian so are at all the shows) and load up. Looking forward to your quilt

  2. Haven't heard of that thread. Thanks for bringing to our attention.

  3. looking forward to it did the butterfly and small flower yesterday

  4. Do you have a color that you use most often? Thanks for the link. Janita

  5. Very cute flower pot. Looking forward to seeing where you use your blooms.

  6. Lea Anne, your flower pot blocks are adorable. Love how you added applique!


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