Monday, June 6, 2016

Podunk Pickin's #34

Ooops!  It's Monday!?  I lost a day, where did it go?  Boy do I need a vacation.  I've got one coming up pretty soon and the truth be told that's what is getting me behind.  Preparations for the vacation has me running around chasing my tail, trying way to hard to get everything done.  I've lots to share with you but just not today.  Today is all about you and what you've been stitching up over the last week. 

As always I'm using the Random Number Generator to pick one link up from last week to feature.  This handy dandy tool chose #6.  
Barbara@wonttobequilter  shared this lovely classic red and white quilt made for her cousin.  Barb can stitch up a quilt faster than anyone I know. She always has a couple in the works and finishes them lickity split!

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  1. thought I must share your design you shared with us

  2. I feel the same way, I'm visiting my mom in TX next week and am trying to get caught up on sewing bee blocks before I leave.

  3. As much as I enjoy vacation, it does seem that the getting ready for it is such a chore! Hope you have gotten all caught up.


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