Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Beginnings

Just popping in for a quicky share of one of my patterns reworked by a fellow blogger.  You can get all the details over at Vicki's Crafts and Quilting.  There's a giveaway!  The original pattern is called Back Porch Blooms and can be found in the Tutorials tab at the top of my blog.
Thanks Vicki for making my day, you have no idea how much that brightened my day!

Lea Anne
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  1. Thanks Lea Anne, glad I could make your day a teensy better:)

  2. Beautiful quilt design Lea Anne! I off to visit Vicki!

  3. So pretty my dear. Love seeing your patterns.

  4. it must be so good to see your designs recreated by bloggers, shame on me have done no more with mine but one day hopefully I will take it further and share it with you

  5. Thanks for inspiring so many quilters!

  6. Very cute! A very different color palette than some of the other projects based on your blocks.

  7. WOW! Great quilt! I found another fabric store which is Broadway Fabrics.


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