Saturday, September 22, 2018

~ Welcome Fall ~

Yeah!  Today is officially the first day of Autumn.   Soon we'll be carving pumpkins and roasting marshmallows.  The fall preparations have already begun around Podunk.  Out with the summer decor and in with the new warmer colors of fall.   The first finished project of the season is this cute little welcome banner called "Welcome Fall".

This quilt was inspired by all the black gingham I've been seeing in fall decor at just about every store.  As you all know I'm a gingham lover but not a big fan of blacks and browns.  There's not to many of either color in my stash so I needed  a quick trip to the local quilt shop, Coffee Cup Quilting.  The tiny gingham was perfect.   All the applique is fused with Heat N Bond lite, and stitch in place with a small machine blanket stitch.

While looking for just the right fabrics(and finding little)  I happened to see a bolt of muslin. The creamy muslin was perfect.  The little specks of brown and black added a nice texture to the project. I love it when all the fabrics I need for a project can be purchased in one place.   The green leaves fabric was already in my stash but it too was from the same shop.     

Before making a quilt I usually draw it up in EQ, then play with the colors.  More often than not I make the quilt in a different color than originally planned.   Here's a couple of the color options.  The Black one!   I might need to make this one too!  Love it!  Do you every feel like you're in an episode of The Twilight Zone?  It's Bizarro land.....Lea Anne likes black! 

I had so much fun with this one.  The quilt inspired me to make the pillow you see in the chair and the wreath.  The wreath was made with wild grapevines on our property, wild flowers and a few Blanket flowers from my garden.  Mr. Podunk loved this so much he took a picture to send to his mom who is a Garden Club member.  This is a first!  He took picture of my work! 

The Welcome Fall pattern is available in my Etsy and Craftsy shops.  $3 for PDF and $5 for a mailed pattern.

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. This is the cutest pumpkin pattern I have seen. Went right to Craftsy and purchased. Thank you for inspiring me to get busy for Fall. Hope your day is awesome.

  2. I love the wall hanging! So cute and fun to see all the colors you played with. I have way too many projects I am working on right now to even think about making anything else, but I sure like it.

  3. This pattern is awesome, Lea Anne! And the way you staged the picture is perfect! Great job. I can see why Mr. Podunk wanted to show it off! I love that tiny gingham check too!

  4. Great design. Now to decide on a color . . . And yes, there WILL be gingham :)


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