Tuesday, November 19, 2019

~ Happy Christmas Sew Along by Primrose Cottage ~

I just had to pop in and share a quick quilt along that is starting tomorrow.   Nettie and Lindsey over at Primrose Cottage Quilts always make the cutest quilts.  This is a fast paced quilt along, just how I like them.  Hop over to their blog, sign up for the emails so you don't miss the mystery quilt clues as the come out over the next few days.  Click here or the image below.

To be honest I was pulling fabric or another quilt when the email reminder for this quilt along came in to my mailbox.  Since I pulled WAAAY too much fabric for the other project I'll just use the same fabrics for both quilts.  I may need to pull a few darker greens as it progresses.

Hope to see ya'll joining in the fun!  #HappyChristmasSewAlong

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  1. Thanks for the heads up about the sew along and for introducing me to a new blog to read. *happy thumbs up*

  2. That's great that you managed to pull enough fabric for two quilt alongs! Great work!

  3. ...when I press "subscribe" nothing happens....


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