Friday, November 22, 2019

~ Juggling Projects ~ 50% OFF SALE ~

How many projects can a quilter juggle at one time?  There's no definitive answer.  Typically I don't like to juggle projects but every now and again it becomes a necessity.   The project first in the toss is the Flower Sugar Rose Kiss fabrics.  This one is long overdue.  She's almost complete and the pattern should be ready to publish within the next week or two.  The plan was to keep the pattern and quilting quick and easy but once I got this cutie on the quilt frame my quilting instinct had different plans.  It's not quite quilted to death but it pretty close.  Standing at the frame for long periods of time is hard on my back and legs so this is where the project juggle begins.

Earlier in this month I shared my pull for the new Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt. Bonnie's color pallete this year is pretty close to my pallete with the exception of one fabric.  So the pull was as easy as opening my favorite fabric cabinet.   

Then while reading some of my favorite quilt blogs this week I stumble upon another mystery quilt that also sounds fun.  The Happy Christmas Sew Along by Primrose Cottage is a small and quick mystery quilt.  It will only take about 2 weeks for all the clues to be released.  Anyway, I started pulling fabrics.  These sat on my cutting table for a few days until me, myself and I start having a discussion about the pile of fabrics.  They(me, myself and I) start tossing out ideas for another quilt.  As usual these three can't get along.  Each has a different design idea and as usual Lea Anne becomes the tie breaking vote.

Lea Anne likes color and scrappy......more fabric pulling.  The fabrics below may be a little overkill but at least I know there will be enough fabric to make the mystery and my new quilt design.  

Pulling fabric and doing a little quilty math for the new quilt gave me just the break I needed from the frame quilting.  It was time to get back to the frame. While quilting the trio in my brain continued to toss out ideas for quilts.  When my back screamed for mercy it was time to pull some MORE FABRIC.  This little project should be fairly easy.  A few years ago I entered a giveaway and won the Lori Holt Sew Simple shapes and notions.  I'll be using the gingerbread man template but the rest of the quilt will be my design.   My hopes is to have the quilt finished by Christmas so the grand kids can use it when they visit.  Eventually the pattern will be put on my blog for free.  So if you have these templates tucked away somewhere you might want to start digging for them now.

Yes the Christmas season is in full swing here in Podunk.  Plans are being made, menu's written, and the official shopping crunch has begun.  This sweet little Christmas ornament was delivered this week from a fellow quilter that would like to stay anonymous.  How darling is this little sewing machine made by Jennifer Jangles? (Click here for Jennifer's ceramic store) This will be in my studio year around.  It's just too cute to store away for most of the year.  Thank you so much Jennifer and Miss Anonymous!   

This weekend in my Etsy shop I have a special deal for you!  50% OFF Snow on the Farm PDF pattern. <---click there  No codes needed.  Sale ends November 26, 2019 at midnight.

The Joy pillow below is a free pattern that can be found here on my blog. 

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  1. You have been on my heart for a few days; especially today. I have had health problems the last 4 years and have enjoyed your blog so very much. This past year I got stronger and was outside enjoying the flowers and painting, when I settled down this fall and was ready to quilt again I had my mammogram and you guessed it, I had cancer. So, I have had my surgery and now see the oncologist on Monday, get my access port the next week and I am not sure if my Hub and I will celebrate our 50th 2 days after Christmas on my 70th birthday too well or not.....but believe me we have a season of life to celebrate.....some of the kids may come too...but anyways, I know I have come weak months ahead of me with chemo and then I want to get one of yours made soon for a grandgal in Ohio..atleast the I LOVE your Snow on the Farm pattern....i just wanted to tell you I prayed for you too since you were on my heart. Our youngest son lives in Bloomington with his wife and 2 growing girls...I love that part of Indiana.....God's country...but then here in SC they like to say this is!! I pray you had a sweet Thanksgiving Day and that your holiday is bright and full of God's love and Mercy.....Thank you for all your perfect work!!....Karen


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