Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Rare Red and Raspberries

RED, I can't get enough of it!  Is it an obsession?  Yes and no.  Yes, I'm obsessed with finding bright red fabric only because I use a lot of red.  So it's not one of those bad obsessive behaviors unless you think having a fabric stash is bad.  And since a good red is getting harder to find I need to make sure I have enough to get me through the red fabric slump.  You never know it might be a few years before they come back in style.  The more muted color pallets are trending right now and when I do find a bright red in the new lines of fabric the print is not pleasing to my eye.  They are typically too big of a print or they have a print on them that is just a little too childish for me.  Before I tell you where most of these were purchased I wanted to tell you that Walmart has a few decent reds if you don't mind Walmart fabric.  I would rather have the good stuff but I have no issues with Walmart fabric.  I understand the chance I'm taking with it being a lower quality fabric.  The large white dot and the fabric beside it are both from Walmart.  $4.97 a yard.  A bargain!

I found the rest of them in two different Etsy shops.  Wading through Etsy can be a chore but here's how I did it.  On the main Etsy page there's a search bar.  I typed in "Red fat quarter bundle".  The results were not great.  But I skimmed through the images looking for bundles with fabrics that had smaller prints.  I didn't like the bundles curated by the shops but I knew if they had bundles of red they probably would have yardage or single FQ's of red.  Then I would click on the image of the bundle, then click on the shop name, this takes you to their shops main page where there will be another search bar for their shop.  In the shop search bar I would search, Red. From this search I found what I needed.

  Word of warning!  The three fabrics in the center of the picture below were all advertised as red and looked red.  From now on I'll double check the line of fabric to make sure they are really red.  These three fabrics are more of a coral color.  

I'm not a big fan of coral but I think I can work them into a scrappy quilt.  They will not make it into my favorite fabrics cabinet.  Instead their home will be in the other cabinet of misfits.

Speaking of Red, its that time of year again. Berry Picking!  Looks like I'm going to be doing some berry picking this week.  They aren't as plentiful as last year but it'll be enough to freeze some for cobblers and if there's more than I can use freezer I'll can some raspberry syrup.  Soon after these ripen the wild blackberries will be ready for picking.  

Wild berries are much smaller than store bought berries.  And they are loaded with seeds.  Mr. Podunk doesn't mind crunchy berries in his cobbler and jams.  The best thing about these little berries is they have a much richer taste than the big ones without berries.  The best wild fruit in my opinion is wild grapes.  They make the best jelly ever but they have one big seed in them.  That's okay because grapes are typically made into jelly not jam.  Jelly is made from the juice due to the skin being so tough.

So I guess I  better get my berry picking cloths on and get picking!

Life with a German Shepherd means your backyard will be a landmine field full of pot holes great for twisting your ankle. We accept and encourage the mole hunting behavior because moles leave runs that you CAN'T see, also great for twisting your ankle. At least we can see Khaleesi holes and she occasionally catches a mole. One less landmine.

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Astrid said...

That's a lot of pretty reds! I've never been a big fan of red, but after I made several items in red and white for a customer, I like red more and more, I even made some items for my Etsy shop. I agree it is a bit difficult nowadays to get the right red. Have fun berry picking!

Gretchen Weaver said...

I'm a blue girl but I'm liking red more and more. I might even make a red & white quilt one of these days. I don't raise red raspberries but I have blackberries, not black raspberries but blackberries. It will be several weeks before they're ready but I'm farther north than you are. Happy stitching!

Sharon said...

I don't know how u people buy fabric on line!! I have, but after a few times I gave
up it never having been the right color. And mostly it something I didn't even like!!
Is there a tip???

Memaw said...

We are in the middle of picking black raspberries from ourbig patch.. I have tried in vain to make raspberry syrup and have never been successful. It is always too thick more like jelly or just juice. Would you be willing to share your raspberry syrup recipe with me? Thank you I enjoy your emails.

Helen L said...

you really do like a true red! :-) I'm going to go dig thru my stash and see how many true reds I have: I tend to buy all types, depending on what kind of project I think I'm going to work on, but since I have your Patriotic Picnic pattern, I know I'm going to need to have the true reds. :-) And it's so wonderful to see how far your dog has come: to see that she is digging out gophers and totally enjoying life is wonderful!! Hugs, H

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