Monday, July 19, 2021

Fabric Haul and No Time to Sew

Sometimes things are just meant to be.  I had no intentions of purchasing fabric over the weekend.  I was a woman on a mission for office supplies.  Just a normal quick trip to Wal-Mart.  Seriously, who wants to spend more time in there than needed?  Not me.  It's the only place around here that carries jam free printer paper at a decent price.   So as I made my way down the main isle, heading straight for the office supplies when all of the sudden....BAM! endcap of clearance fabric screams.

How could I not look when it was screaming at me in bright happy fabric?  Yes, my friends I bought it all.  Two full bolts and two 3 yd. cuts.  The two bolts were $1.51 a yd.  At that price you would think I could cut the cutting gal a little slack and not make her measure the entire bolt...nope.  I kindly asked her if she would measure it to make sure the full 8 yds. was on the bolt.  It was not and I wasn't surprised, neither was she.  She admitted she had never seen a full bolt.  But she was willing to make her job easier by not measuring?  Not today little girl.  I'm not going to pay that extra 75 cents for what is not on the bolt.   In my defense it could have been more.  What if it had been a whole yard or more?  Okay, it still would have been a good deal.  Old habits are hard to break.  As quilters measurements are everything.  Would you have asked her to measure?  

My trip through Wal-Mart didn't seem so bad now that I have my cute fabric right up front in the child safety seat.  
Next was a stop at the Dollar General for a bag of chips I forgot to get at Wal-Mart.  And look what I found hiding behind a bunch of oddly placed towels.  I'm thinking someone was hiding it to buy later.  They didn't expect a crazy lady like me to come along and feel the need to fix the towels.  I left the store wondering if I should go buy a lottery ticket.  I did not.  Why push my luck.  Stop while your ahead is what they say.  I'm happy with my cheap fabric and Sweets tin.  Time to get back home and get some work done. 

The work to be done was printing out a homeschool worksheets for my daughter.  An entire years worth of Language and Math for 2nd grade.  This is the reason for being at Wal-Mart... printer paper.  All was going well until I ran out of toner/ink at about 50 more pages to print of the 457 pgs.  So it was time for a little online Amazon shopping for laser printer toner cartridges.  They should arrive today.  I'll finish the print job this evening and ship them to my daughter in Kentucky by tomorrow.  This is only about half of what I need to print and ship.  I still need to find a good online printable 2nd grade curriculum for Science and History.   I've printed out about 3,000 pages of homeschool material in the last year.  From books to worksheets, games and flash cards.

I've even designed and printed my own learning games for the kids.  Splatter is one I saw online and recreated it in my graphic program I use to draw quilt patterns.  Everything is laminated so they will hold up for years of use.  My daughter has 3 children being homeschooled. One in preschool, one in kindergarten and one in second grade.  Her oldest son is in 6 grade and will be in public school this fall.  Well that's the plan as of now.  She's not been very happy with the school system so things are always subject to change.   We do what we can to help.  When I say we I mean the entire family pitches in to help with the costs of buying supplies and curriculums.  The most recent (above) was paid for by my oldest son.  He doesn't have any children and likes that his sister is working hard to educate the kids at home plus hold down a part time job outside the home, has a garden and preserves food.  She's one of those super moms.  And yes it gets to her sometimes and she needs a break.  So we bring the girls up for a week or two stay at granny's whenever possible. And the boys go to stay with other family members.  I can't handle all 4 at once for 2 weeks!  

Today's plan is to finally get in some quilting time on my Blue and Yellow leaders and enders quilt.  I'd like to get it off the frame and bound ASAP.  It's been on there for far too long.  Wish me luck because there's so much more that needs to be done around here that isn't quilting related.

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  1. Hi, I just went to Bee In My Bonnet, does she send out blog posts or newsletters like u do?? I can't find a subscribe
    button on there anywhere. I tried not to sign up for any more blogs but you sold me on this one. Lol Thank you Sharon Parrott

  2. I think your blue, white & yellow quilt is looking so lovely, can't wait to see the quilting finished on this one. You're a good mom to help with the home schooling load. I know from experience that the support from grandparents is so much encouragement. Happy stitching!

  3. Well dang I keep checking my Walmart for clearance fabric and nothing anymore:(

  4. great score on the fabric!! Our Walmart doesn't have any good quality fabric: I think it's because very few Walmart shoppers around here quilt, so the fabric there moves very slowly, and then they don't order much for that store.
    And your daughter is doing the best thing for her kids! From the things I hear, the teachers unions are pushing very leftist and harmful things like Critical race theory, and strange new ways of math (like if you can show how you got to an answer, it will be marked right even if you didn't get the answer of 4 to the problem of 2 + 2). So glad my kids are out of school now!!! Happy sewing!!! (that is, after the printing is done!) Hugs, H


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