Thursday, January 20, 2022

Conquering Mount Scrapmore ~ Quilter Shout Out

 Today I'm doing a little shout out post to a new to me quilter.   Her name is Brenda.  Brenda's YouTube Channel is called Conquering Mount Scrapmore.  I love the name!  Since finding her channel there are days when I step into my Podunk Pretties Studio and think to myself....Welcome to Mount Scrapmore.  It's so fitting for most of us, right?

Brenda is a fairly new YouTuber(almost a year) but you can tell she is not a new quilter.  She's been around the block and has so much knowledge to share.  As a very seasoned quilter myself there's not too much I haven't done.  As with most seasoned quilters we find our style and keep doing that.  Well I love to learn new things.  Sure there's a wide range of YouTube quilters and quilt bloggers but there's not too many who can teach me something I don't already know.  I also like to support the little guy/gal.  I'm sure I could easily find videos of a well known famous quilter who has the same content that I watch in Brenda's video.  Call me crazy but I feel like I stumbled upon Brenda for a reason.  Her style sparked a little fire in me and I find myself anxiously awaiting her next video.  So what is it exactly I'm learning?   If you're a longtime follower of mine you might want to sit down.

Hand piecing 

Yep, I'm totally obsessed with learning the ropes of hand pieced quilts. Not just any quilt, its the one behind her in this screenshot.  Brenda gave me permission to capture some images from her videos.

The name of her pattern is Sunflower.  And it's gorgeous!  She has broken this process down into weekly assignments.  Starting out with choosing and prepping fabrics in part one.  Click here to watch part one.  

Each video is full of detailed information on that weeks assignment and closeups of what you need to do.  Some seem repetitive when it comes to the hand stitching but for a person like me who doesn't do handwork it's perfect.

Another great thing about the "little guy" is, they respond.  Brenda responds to all my comments and questions.  She even took the time to go into more detail on the knot making process because I asked.  Thank you, Brenda!  The "Big Guy" can't reply to  the hundreds or thousands of comments and questions.  Most of them they don't even take the time to look at them.  When we watch like, and comment on YouTube videos the maker makes money and it doesn't cost us anything but a little time.  So the "Big Guy" on YouTube is making big money.  The little guy can give you the same content and better content but make very little money.  Doing all the things...Liking(thumbs up), commenting and watching video to the end is important.

Brenda goes out of her way to make sure she has content for everyone.  She pieces and quilts by machine as well as by hand.  In this Sunflower series she has provided a free downloadable, printable PDF with templates and  links to acrylic templates that can be purchased on Amazon.   Quilting is an expensive hobby.  Not everyone is in a position to buy all the fabric and tools.  Brenda helps all who want to learn, not just those with money.   So a big thank you to Brenda for going the extra mile to provide good videos for everyone in the quilting community!  And for inspiring me to learn hand piecing and hand quilting without a hoop.

The hand quilting without a hoop video can be found by clicking here.  Hop over and give Brenda a little quitly love!  Oh I almost forgot to tell you to check out her Churn Dash series, so much scrappy goodness!

Until next time.....

I hope you find time to stitch up something sweet!

I love ya!

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  1. I like finding new boggers/youtubers: thanks for the info!! Hugs, H

    1. Me too. I like the down to earth kind of quilters.

  2. I have been subscribed to Brenda's channel for a few months now. I love getting someone else's perspective on things. I always learn something new. But you and she put me to shame. You are both so prolific! You actually accomplish something. I think I am more of a collector than a quilter. Right now I am in the process of quilting my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt from 2015! It's daunting, quilting it on my regular machine. But I will keep slogging along.
    Good for you, trying something new. I hope you enjoy yourself.

    1. I just love Brenda, she's so down to earth. And she can teach this ole gal a few new tricks! I think all of us have moments of collecting more than we quilt. A Bonnie quilt is always a little challenging from start to finish but so worth the effort.

  3. Love handpiecing. Thanks for sharing more ideas on how to do this.


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