Friday, May 31, 2013

A Friday finish

Edited post in order to link up with Val's Quilting Studio Tuesday Archives.  The themes for the week is Baby and Barns.
Quilted and bound!  I'd love to say that's completely finished but I still need to label and add a rod pocket for hanging in the Studio.
Before I show way to many photos I want to thank Hershel and Debbie Wallace for letting me take a couple photos near their barn. 
Not only do they have a wonderful farm but also run Little Trails Horse Camp just down the road.   I also was treated with a tour of the old homestead house that they live in.  OMG!  It was like walking back in time!  I think I enjoyed the home tour more than my small photo shoot.  Okay back to the quilt....
There's so many interesting things to picture on this farm that I decided to just use one spot for this photo shoot.  I'll definitely be going back when I need a back drop. 
I came home to take the rest of the detailed pictures
 Wonder why I took this photo with the quilt upside down?  
 The instructions for the small basket block below can be found at Lynn Wilders Blog HERE.
 I did two different barn door designs.  The plan was to keep the quilting as simple as possible.
 The block below is my fave.  Its an EQ7 block.  This block will make another appearance in a quilt later in the year, but much larger.
 Of course whats a quilt without a few feathers....
 Red gingham has become my new favorite fabric.

 And the last pic was taken standing on a ladder...the things we do for a good shot...not sure it's all that good, but I went to the effort so I'm going to show it!...LOL
If you'd like to make a Barn quilt of your own you can find the instructions for it HERE.  Lori Holt is always having a great quilt along of some sort.  This quilt along isn't finished yet.  I just loved it so much I decided to go my own way and change a few things....yep I can't seem to stick with a pattern 100%.

Oh one more thing.  While talking to Debbie she wanted to know if I could make a quilt with this on it....OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE!
Of course I first thought, easy, I'll just take pictures and print them out on fabric, she promptly let me know that she didn't like that idea.  And that's okay, it just makes the quilt more expensive to do it as an applique.   What  a challenge this will be.  It's not a done deal yet, most commissioned quilts never get made because of the PRICE.  Which is totally understandable.
Until next time "Quilt out of Your Comfort Zone! 

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  1. I love your quilt! I now know how I'm going to quilt my barn! I have 8 done, but will need to make 5 more since I decided to go with the barns with the silos for the other 6 but had already made 7. I'm going to pin your quilt so I can remember how you quilted it!

  2. Love it, love it! I love it right down to the gingham flange. Now about that horse applique????? Good luck with that!

  3. Very pretty Lea Anne - You did a fantastic job!

  4. Oh this quilt is stinking cute!!! I love all the little quilts on the barns! (ANd lucky you to get a tour....I love house tours!!)

    1. Came back for a second show my husband...he loves barns. LOL

  5. Love your barns! I've got mine started...and yours make me want to get back to my barn raising!!

  6. Great barn quilt. When I posted my baby quilts on Val's site there wasn't any barn quilts posted other than Jane's yet.


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