Saturday, May 4, 2013

Border Wars(non political kind)

All 12 blocks are finished(<---you can get the basic pattern over there) and ready to be sashed.  Now comes the hard part again , BORDERS!  I'm playing around with a few ideas while sewing the sashing to the blocks.  The grouping below is what I'm leaning towards.  The red gingham would be on the bias and just a small flange.
The gingham to me seems to give it a POP effect to the quilt no matter where it is in the layout.
But then the color has a popping effect of it's own also.
Switch it up a bit more....

 The one above seems to have the POP going on also.

 So many ways to arrange them!  This is usually where my projects get the biggest snag and end up sitting for months till I can make a decision.  I know I keep complaining about this, my hope is that someday I'll overcome the border wars!
Until next time "Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!" 

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