Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A peak inside my mind

Just thought I'd share with you my inspirations for my current Dresden block.
I use Pinterest for saving pictures that inspire.  For years I would save pics to my computer or a flash drive.  Pinterest takes its place now.  If you haven't tried out Pinterest for storage you should at least check out all the inspiring ideas others have  pinned.  Okay enough free advertisement for Pinterest.
This is a pattern by Erin Russek, called Miss Kyra, it seems it's no longer available but you can read about it here.  I like the applique between the blocks.
I love the short blades in the block below.  You can get the pattern at goldenthimble etsy page
This one is just cute!  Love the short blades and fabric...well everything!   You can find more info at Happy Little Cottage Blog
The center circles really caught my eye in the block below.  I really tried to find the blog that this one came from, with no luck.  But its on Richy-jr flickr
This is the picture that inspired the red tips on my block.  I found this only after I thought my block to be bland.  You can find a tutorial on this block at Lurine's Place.
And the math to make those short blades.  I found this chart helpful.  My blades are cut from a 2.5 square.  
And the Cherry inspiration.  I loved these little cherries, but I didn't want to do embroidery work....yep I'm all 'bout easy!  So my stems are applique.  This pattern  is by Lori Holt, called Cherry Cheesecake.  
So put all these in my scrambled up brain and you get this!
Now you better get out of my mind because it's dangerous in there!
Until next time "Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"

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