Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Every little piece saved

Just wanted to share with you how I keep all my tiny scraps.
 Scrap corners we all have them.  When first starting quilting these little pieces of clipped corners would be trashed.  Then I moved up to saving them and  putting them in bags to be sewn together later. 
Now I've taken it a step further and sew them as I go.  This is a method for making flying geese that I learn while doing the Barn Along mention in my last post.
 The only thing I do differently, that isn't in the tutorial is make another stitched line by lining up my foot on the previous stitched line.
 Then cute right down the middle.  Lets hope your hand is steadier than mine...better cut back on the coffee!
 This little HST'S (below) measures in at 1.5.  These could be used in another 6.5 block for my barns.  Its a Tree of Life block at 6.5!  Too darn cute!  Go check it out here!
 So far I've collected several different size HST's from this project.  The wonderful thing is that they will work in the barn blocks because they come from the barn blocks!  The basket block from Sewninwildoaks uses 1" squares , I could make another by cutting some of these down!
You can find the instructions for this block here.  It looks like some sort of bug to me, I'm not sure of its name.  Any ideas on the name?

I'm linking up with Connie  over at Freemotion by the River, hop on over and see what other bloggers are up to, you never know you might find a new project idea!

Until next time
"Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"
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  1. It really does look like a bug -- might make a fun baby quilt!

  2. I always like do my HSTs that way too and I end up with all kinds of "tiny" blocks. They are like an addiction! We just hate to throw any fabric out! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday


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