Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sweet Pickins

 Sweet Pickins!  That will be her name.  At this stage she measures in at 18.75 x 23.25.  A three inch border should finish her off nicely.  Now to decide on that border.  I put way to much thought into the borders as you all know.  Someday I may quit complaining about my border issue.  But for now WAH, WAH, WAH!
 Each little basket block including red border is 4 inch finished.
 Working with scraps is always fun and quick.  Each HST was left over trimmings from my cherry quilt(previous post) that's still on the frame waiting for one more pass.  
Now comes the dreaded borders.  I like this combo, but I used the same border on my barn quilt.  Might use the same combo with the gingham binding, scalloped border. 
 All I can say is YUK!  More cherries, really upset my tummy.
 The large gingham made me dizzy on such a small quilt.
 So far the one below is what pleases my eye the most.  Whatcha think about a scalloped border, with the gingham as the binding?!  Yes I love gingham, I want it in every quilt for some reason.  I'd really like some ric-rac on this quilt but my stash of ric-rac had every color but the color I wanted, can't justify going into town for $3 of ric-rac.   And you know this quilt is so small that quilting it on the DSM with a walking foot and straight lines might just do the trick.
Until next time"Quilt out of Your Comfort Zone!"

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  1. I like your final choices the best! I agree with you on the gingham, I have a tendency to put it in all of the quilts!


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