Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cute little bird bath....

This has been an unusually hot and dry summer until the last month.  Being that its been so hot I told my dear sweet man that I was thinking we should get a bird bath for the poor little birdies.  You know I was envisioning something maybe cement, painted white, or copper that had turned green with a cute little garden around the bath...Oh and wouldn't a  little bench cute,  miniature weeping cherry tree.  He being the handyman that he is said that he could make one..OOH?  No its more like UGGG...Well you gotta give him credit for originality...A Ford Hubcap!

Looking out my backdoor you can see my little birdie hide-away that I didn't quite envision...He made the Sheppard's hook, the fire pit, the swing, and of course the chopping block/chair, that shadow on the ground is also a pergola that he built, and there's chairs and a table to match the swing, so its not all that a word?  I love him anyway.
 It was a good day for a ride around the country block(for you city folks thats about 4 mile square in corn country)
Hope you enjoy the view

Until next time....Quilt out of your comfort zone!

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