Wednesday, September 5, 2012


What a week!  Wendy Sheppard over at IvorySprings was kind of enough to show one of my quilts on her blog on Labor Day. I had sent her a picture of the quilt with her bird feather motif design reworked and she aked for my permission to post it on her site!   Thank you to Wendy and all the visitors to my blog and new followers.  Big ole country huggins sent out to ya'll.  What fun it was to have such a response.  I never thought that one of my quilts could cause such a stir.  I can't say enough about her site, so many tutorials and helpful advice, quilting patterns, and ...Just go check it out the pictures are enough to get you hooked!  Hop on over and take a look here.

Between all the excitement I managed to get another quilt on ...
...started another one of my moms WIP'S.  This frame technique is so cute and easy, adds a 3 demensional look to the block.  When I washed this block it bled so no finsished pictures yet it's soaking in a time out bath! 

...And then I had to learn to program my sewing machine to do this simple stitch.  Yep, just a blanket stitch but its tiny.  1.6 to be exact, and my machine only goes to 2.0.  Luckily  I've the option to design my own stitches, unluckily I'm techy challenged.  But  finally after a few hours of trial and error, a pair of reading glasses, and a worn out sewing machine manual, plus more than a few "FIDDLESTICKS!"  Here's she is...


Lea Pin It

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