Thursday, September 13, 2012

...picked a peck of pickled peppers..

Mother nature demanded that I not sew all after noon.  My pepper plants are finally putting out crop!  Yeah!  I know your thinking who pickles peppers?  We do!  I love peppers of any kind, the hotter the better.  Although these sweet bananas aren't real hot, the jalapenos are plenty hot enough for me.  We've also Cayenne peppers that we dry and crush to make a shake. 

Susie homemaker has been running around like crazy...she also made this Hard Crusted Italian Bread yesterday!....YUMMMMY!  And she left a little tip for me to share about hot peppers.  When you work with hot peppers more often than not it sets you hands on fire no matter if you wear gloves or not.   To stop the burn don't grab the milk, grab the Minty mouth wash and rinse your hands in that.  Works if your mouth is on fire also.  It doesn't take much.  About a Tablespoon for the hands.  It has to be MINT of any kind.  How Cool is that!  I was walking around here with fire shooting out my fingers for about 3 hours and one little dab of this stuff was instant relief!

Unil next time "Quilt out of your comfort zone!"
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  1. They look good! Reckon Susie wants to stop by my house? I just picked a bag of banana peppers and took to my sister this afternoon so that my 9 year old niece can try canning them. I have jalapenos and some other hot pepper but I am not messing with them this year.


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