Friday, November 9, 2012

Fired Myself today!

It had to be done, many times I've told Myself to be careful when cutting fabrics. Especially when working with scraps and from the stash. The stash is a collection of fabric that date from current to 40 yrs old. Most current fabric is used as it comes through the door, the rest is near impossible to get more. Measure twice cut once, pay attention to details, plan ahead to know exactly what you'll need. These are rules of the Podunk Studio. The rules are clear for all who work here, Me, Myself, and I. Well let me show you what happened. I am assembly line sewing and look at this! Salvages! Who in the world cut this fabric? Luckily I had enough scraps to recut.

It reads 64

This isn't the first screw up this week. Earlier in the week I caught Myself sewing Lonestar strips together upside down and had to rip seams on two different star points. Then while cutting the Log cabin blocks I caught Myself cutting to the wrong length so I had to change what colors went where and pray that I had enough fabric to make the 28 log cabins. So you see it had to be done, I fired Myself. Now it's left up to Me to take up the slack.

I thought about asking " Her" to come in for awhile and help out but I'm not ready to take on another ego in the Studio. So I decided to ask you all what you think about the border in between the Star and the Log Cabins. It'll be a 6 inch space. Red? Green? Pieced? Any suggestions?

Until next time "Quilt out of your comfort zone!"

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  1. Lindo seu trabalho,parabéns.Colocaria vermelho.

  2. No matter what, Me, Myself and I, your quilt is going to be beautiful! So if you are firind, does that mean you are hiring too?

  3. Hmm. I would go plain, one of the beiges perhaps.

  4. I would flip the log cabins around so the red is on the inside and put a green border. (If you can't flip the log cabins, I'd go with a red border. Or a Christmasy blue.)


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