Saturday, February 2, 2013

Still working on the spare bedroom

I'm going about this room backwards.  The walls need to be stripped of wallpaper and painted.  The trim needs to be either painted or stripped and restained to a lighter oak color.  My plan was painted, but the man says wood should never be painted it ruins the natural beauty.  Men, why don't they quit shaving and cutting their so they have the natural beauty look?   Oh well we'll find a compromise.  But I figure all that can wait till warmer weather when I can have the windows open to let out the fumes.  Yes there's low odor paint at an extra cost, think I'll just wait.  A couple of years ago my aunt gave me a boat load of fabrics.  Most of it was Decor fabric. In this fabric was about 3 yards of the large blue gingham, and 2 FULL BOLTS of the white fabric in this valance.  Still one bolt of this stuff left !  The white fabric is also the backings on all the pillow shams to give them body since I was using quilting cotton and didn't want to quilt for body.  Today the plan is to make my shears to go behind the valance.
 Not only did I make the pillow shames but I made pillow cases that are on the bed size pillows and the small throw pillow forms 
 The plan is to make one more white pillow
 Behind these two pillows below is the fabric for my shears, another auntie freebie.  Another whole bolt!  Love the crinkle look of the shear fabric.  Might make the other white pillow for the bed with the leftovers.  The pillows here need to be recovered also.  
 The pillows match this hope chest seat which could be left as is because the same green is in the quilt or...
 Well I pulled out the scraps last night, not sure if I'll make a seat cover or pillows, for now it's just playtime.  
Now for those of you who know me you know that my sweetie loves nature and the outdoors, so he brings nature in the house.  This is whats currently on the wall with all my pretty blues and yellows, right next to the window.  It'll be flying south, or getting some buckshot, one or the other I don't care which.  

Until next time "Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"

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