Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

The chicken wings, dip and beer are in the fridge and ready for tonight.  As for me I'm still in my jammies, working on the spare bedroom.  Wanted to show you my step daughters little hand print.  She's now 24, yep this room was way over due for a make over.  You never know what you'll find under wallpaper.  And seeing how I didn't put this up I was really hesitant.  So far I've lucked out with no major spots to fix, only a couple that I made.  
Ross okay'd  the painting of this horrible walnut trim!  Yeah!  It was a real motivation to get busy with the wallpaper stripping.  
Well the breaks over and I want to finish this wall and get ready for the game.
Until next time
"Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!" 

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