Monday, October 21, 2013

My new buddy

It's finally back to normal.  Gramps passed last Tuesday morning and all of last week was spent running here and there helping the family make preparations for the funeral.  Even though it's a sad time, my up bringing tells me to celebrate his life and not focus on his death.  I'm honored to be the one to bring his buddy home to live with me.  Meet Lobo, Gramps best friend.  He's an 8 yr old German Shepard.  He's adapting well to his new home and seems to love it here.  We thought he might run right back to gramps place, but he hasn't even offered to step foot off the property.  
Getting back into the quilty mode hasn't happened yet.  This is the first quilt rut I've experienced.  Letting nature take it course but pushing myself at the same time seemed like the best strategy.  The inspirations and ideas are not flowing.  Its a good time to finish up easy to do projects.  Yesterday was spent sitting on the couch hand stitching the backside of the binding on the "Nostalgic Christmas" quilt.  I had planned to use the same fabric for the binding as in the border, but wouldn't you know I couldn't find enough scraps.  Digging through the scrap box produced enough homespun green plaid to do the trick.
The binding turned out better than I thought it would.  Happy mistake!
I've been thinking about making a brights version of this pattern.  It goes together rather quickly and I've tons of brights in the stash.  Now to decide on the center panel.  Something different...anything that is not Christmasy.  Well time will tell.

Lea Anne

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  1. I would say a very happy mistake! I love the homespun binding. Sorry for your loss but how neat that you get to take care of his beloved companion.

  2. I am sorry about your loss! When my dad passed in May of last year, I did not sew or quilt for the rest of the summer, so I understand! In fact, I was making some simple capes for a friend and had just cut them out when he passed away, I am just now finishing them because I had a mental block and every time I tried to work on them made stupid mistakes. I'm glad you were able to give his dog a home!

  3. Sorry to hear that. Lobo is a great reminder of his memory.

  4. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. Having his best buddy become your best buddy should help. Glad you are doing what you can the quilting will come with time. It is good therapy. Glad to see you back I have missed your posting.

  5. take your time .. forcing the issue will just put you off what ever you are working on x enjoy the company of your new buddy and give your self time to grieve and celebrate a life lived well xx

  6. My sincere sympathies on the passing of your grandfather, Lea Anne. I know the good memories will soon fill the sadness in your heart. How wonderful that you were able to take his poochie back home to live with you! My Dad had a beautiful German Shepard that looked exactly like Lobo & he (Sandy Dog) was a good & faithful companion for many years. My mother taught him to wipe his paws on a rug before coming back into the house & she even taught him to bow down with his nose to his front paws to "say Grace" before she fed him! LOL My Mother was a very devout Christian!!!!

    Consider yourself {{HUGGED}} & take time to heal.

    p.s. I like your Nostalgic Christmas quilt with the homespun green plaid goes with it beautifully!


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