Sunday, October 13, 2013

Taking a much needed break

Just checking in after a few days with gramps.  Thank you to the many readers who have sent prayers and thoughts.  I'm not able to answer individual E-mails at this time due to lack of time.  
There's little time for my hand work project.  But I've managed to get one block completed an starting on another.
 This will be block number 10.  Only 2 more blocks to complete and then the large center block.  I've been working on this hand project for over a year.  The pattern is "My Tweets" By Erin Russek.   I've tweeked a couple of the blocks, simply because I can't follow a pattern exactly.   You can find her blog here.  She is just finishing up a wonderful FREE Christmas BOM.
I've made a new friend at gramps place, he's such an ass!  He'll wait by the fence for dinner scraps everyday.

Gramps built this place in 1953 and has never updated a thing except he added running water and a toilet in the 70's.  When I was a kid there was an an old chicken shed in the back yard for a bathroom.  The water still comes from a cistern, and right now the water has a bit of a yellow tint to it.  So we don't use it for anything to do with food!  Yuk!  My aunt brings us clean water to use for cooking and the much needed pots of coffee.   I suppose if gramps understood what was going on he would think that we were a bit spoiled for wanting non yellow water.   And water pressure, why bother with a shower because I can't get all the soap off.  Sink baths until I can run home and scrub down.  It makes you appreciate all the little things.  For the life of me I can't understand hoarding money and living this way.  It's not that he was poor, he is just very practical and CHEAP!  
 The place is a bit run down and overloaded with junk that gramps has hauled in over the years.  The old house that they used for about 10 years sat where the windmill now stands. 
 The backyard is worse than the front and to be quite honest, to embarrassing for me to share.  Even with all the mess I can still find the beauty in the life time of collecting junk.  This old windmill being one of my favorite pieces of junk. 

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  1. Beautiful block and it sounds like you have wonderful memories of your grandfather's place. Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday


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