Friday, October 25, 2013

She Made My Day!

Nothing makes me smile bigger than seeing a quilt that someone has made from one of my patterns.  Lisa over at Always Home contacted me yesterday to let me know she had a Cherry on Top  flimsy.  Just tickled me pink!
Love her fabric choices!  Hop on over to her blog and see the cute label she stitched up and backing she chose.  As I wandered around her blog and noticed that she has a love for vintage items, lots of eye candy!   Thanks again Lisa!
I must say that this has helped a bit with my quilty rut, don't you just love blog land friends?  Seems they know just what you need.  
So it was back to the studio, and a light bulb came on, an epiphany!  Well at least that's what I thought.  Remember I told you I needed new glasses in order to get an even tinier stitch?  The brilliant plan was to use my magnifying light.  Bad move!  Oh my gosh it was horrible on they eyes to look through.  
Even though the first plan was totally stupid, the lamp did provide the extra lighting needed to see better.
It's a good thing this machine has the ability to program in stitches(not as easy as the book makes you think it is, HOURS of  work). The makers of this machine must have thought that no one needs a stitch this tiny.  And the blanket stitch would take a stitch backwards in between each stitch.  Way to much thread build up.  The machine is  sold as a Quilters machine, what do they know!  The first block stitched was done at 3.5 width and 4.0 long. 
So what does that mean?  Here's a couple of pictures to show you how tiny that stitch really is.  Below is the needle in the white background fabric. 
 and's in the red.  Super tiny!  As tiny as this gal can get it without getting a massive headache from straining the eyes.  Adjusting the speed control to a slow speed also was a big help, this helps with the temptation of putting the pedal to the metal.  The pedal is still to the metal but it's like Grannies Sunday driving.
 TADA!  Yep this is definitely more invisible.  Now lets hope those small puckers wash out.  Could it be the tension causing the puckers? After adjusting the tension over and over this was the best setting.  Switching up needles several times didn't help either.  I can live with it.  It's better and quicker than hand stitching!  There's enough of that in the UFO pile, so this ones getting machined.
Well it's time to put my eyes back on and get to work!

~Lea Anne~

"I am determined to be cheerful & happy in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our unhappiness or misery depends upon our dispositions and not about our circumstances" - Martha Washington

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  1. I can't wait to get started on my cherry quilt, but my husband will "fuss" at me if I don't finish up a couple of other quilts first, and of course I need to buy the red fabric so he would know I was starting a new quilt. LOL

  2. Thanks again for the super fun quilt!

  3. Gorgeous work, and your cherries pattern is stupendous! I found your blog via Always at Home, which I found through Bee in my Bonnet. Geez, we careen around the internet like drunks, eh?


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