Monday, November 25, 2013

Sew much to do and sew little time

Good Monday morning!  Did everyone spend the weekend preparing for thanksgiving?  Not me, I canned Horseradish.  I now have the clearest sinuses of my life.  Shew that stuff is powerful.  
How about another little peek at those spools!
All the sections are finally together.  Don't you just love the  Scrumptious line of fabric?  Currently I'm working on designing a little lot of embroidery for the larger gray areas in the quilt.   Since designing embroidery is a first for me, it's taking a tad bit longer than expected.  My biggest problem is decided between tons of color or whitework embroidery.  
The quilt behind the spools is ready to be loaded and quilted as soon as I can piece a backing.  It's just so colorful and fun it  had to work it into the pictures.
Okay I guess you can see the whole plan.  They now look like white spools instead of gray ones.  Our holiday plans have changed, so hopefully by next Friday the instructions will be ready to post.    We were originally  going to have a 2 day holiday now its a 4 days of family and food.  What could be better!? 
You can find more design walls over at Judy's.

~Lea Anne~

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  1. Your spools quilt is soo cute!!!

  2. You are definitely becoming a modern quilter ;)

  3. wondering about your stitching, sorry I did not get back to you, I use feather stitch a lot, maybe if you look at CQJP2013 you will get some ideas from what peoletdot on their blocks, there are so many stitches out there, if you want plain stem and chain are good, even an even backstitch can look good too, whipping stitches adds to the effect and herringbone can look good, best of luck and get back to me if you want some more ideas and I will get the stitch books out.

  4. Your spools are looking great. The white with the gray was a great idea.

  5. You were absolutely correct that the grey background makes the white spools pop! Very pretty and I love the snowball centre. I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with the embroidery...white or colours will be equally pretty I'm sure!

  6. Cute! I vote for whitework for the embroidery, since the spools have so much color going on.


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