Wednesday, November 20, 2013

W.I.P. Wednesday

Just had to share these cute little baskets from Lori Holts Quilty Fun book and sew-along.  After cutting the fabric it only took 15 minutes to chain piece these 6.5" blocks together.  
 Blue basket print, from my 1980's stash
 And so is the red print, and there's some more of that vintage teal/aqua that's popped up in a couple other quilts I've made.
 That pink basket handle is from a pair of my pajama pants...RECYCLE Cuteness!
 Don't you just love working with bright fabrics when its gloomy and cold outside?  Makes the day seem so much brighter.
These are my close your eyes and grab courthouse steps for this weeks block.  
So much color!

Here's a song that's sure to put a rainbow in your heart on a gloomy day.
Not the best video but this song always puts a smile on my face.  A beautiful melody of two songs.

~Lea Anne~

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  1. a lovely selection and yes I so agree bright colours are so good at this dull dismal time of year

  2. Yes, I agree bright blocks are just the think to keep the gray at bay. Lovely blocks!


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