Monday, April 20, 2015

Design Wall Secret

Hi-diddly-O quilty friends!
 My goodness is it Monday already?  Time seems to be getting away from me these last couple of weeks.  There's so much that needs to be done in the spring and so many things I want to do besides the NEEDED things.   I love reaping the benefits of planting a garden but the actual work of the so much.  I'd rather be inside sewing up some spring garden quilts!
Well it may be spring but my studio is filled with colors that are not so springy.
Shhh... it's a secret sewing project, so all I can show you is little sneak peaks of my trash can.

This is the first time that I've had a secret that can't be shared with my bloggy buddies.   And as you can tell it's definitely a color challenge.  Way out of my color comfort zone.  But I'm loving the uneasy feeling that comes along with the challenge.  Since the colors are not so girly I'm finding different ways to add a girly touch.   Those fancy stitches on my over priced sewing machine have finally come in handy.  

I've not forgotten the Podunk Posy tutorials.   I apologize for being late with last weeks tutorial.  I'm working on it today.  So I'll see you soon with another option for the corners.  You can find the past tutorials for the Podunk Posy quilt in the tutorials tab at the top of my blog.

~  Lea Anne ~
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  1. Is this for Henry Glass? Are you their featured designer? They would be smart to have you. XO


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