Friday, February 5, 2016

A Flimsy Friday

The decision was made to make the easier of the many quilts first.  If you have no clue what I'm talking about you can read about it here in my previous post.  I've been stealing 5 or 10 minutes, here and there over the last couple of weeks.  It finishes at about 74 x 86.  

After a lot of digging through old picture files I found this hilarious photo of Connie when she first starting making the shirt blocks for the quilt in the previous post.

The next quilt is already in the works.  Being that my time is so crunched and limited I'm opting for easy, and using someone else's pattern.  You can find the Scottie/Westie dog pattern here.  

The cute little doggies are coming along quite quickly. My plan is to use the red shirt fabric below for little red bow dog collars.  Awe...hopefully it will be as cute in real life as my minds eye says it is.

Thanks for stopping by and cheering me on during my quilt crunch month. See you in a few days with another flimsy!  Wish me luck!
 ~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. I love the quilt top that you made with the shirts. I really like those scotties too. They will look wonderful with those red bows. Those quilts will be great rememberances.

  2. Love the 9-patches on point and the scrappy border. You have such an eye for color and scale! Can't hardly wait to see how the Scottie dogs turn out!

  3. Your first quilt is wonderful! Love the plaid nine patches. The Scottie dogs will be too cute with the red bows. Here's to a month of lots of sewing goodness!

  4. I have to echo everyone else's thoughts. The shirt quilt is beautiful! And your Scotties are too cute. Do you mind if I steal your ideas? I've been buying shirts at the thrift store without a real plan of action. Either of these designs would be great uses for my shirts.

    I hope you are taking care of yourself, too. You are an inspiration.

  5. shirt quilts are the "in thing" here at the moment yours has worked so we.. Such cute scotties too

  6. Love the plaids in both projects. The little Scottie dogs are going to be so cute!


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