Saturday, August 11, 2018

~ Trunk Show ~

Hey happy quilters!  I'm super excited to announce my very first Trunk Show!  
Kathy from the Evening Star Quilt Guild would love to see some new faces at the quild meeting.  If you plan on attending please contact Kathy to let her know you will be visiting.  You can contact her on Facebook here.

The last couple of weeks has a been a treasure hunt.  Pulling quilt from everywhere around the house.  Oh my goodness!, I think I've an quilt obsession!  And this isn't all of them in my house.  And we won't even talk about how many have been gifted.    Now to go through them all and decide which ones will go to the trunk show.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. How exiting for you. You should share photos of your trunk show with us. :)

  2. It would be so fun to be at your trunk show!! But the travel from Calif would be a bit much!! :-) Have fun sharing your quilts: I know the ladies there are going to enjoy the show!! Hugs, H

  3. Oh how I wish I could be there to see your quilts! That is going to be such a fantastic night!! Enjoy it and have fun doing it.

  4. Lea Anne I wish I could see your fabulous trunk show. Hope Blogger stops giving you problems too.

  5. Exiting! So sorry to live at the other side of the world.

  6. It was AWESOME! You did a great job! Loved the quilts!!

  7. It was a great trunk show! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful quilts with our group.

  8. Thank you so much for a great Trunk Show. Your quilts are beautiful and you are the sweetest person!! I loved your story of how you started and where you are today. You are a SPECIAL person and your friend Judy (Vanna) was so nice.

  9. Enjoyed seeing your quilts. You did a fantastic job. Thank you for sharing your story.


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