Wednesday, August 1, 2018

~ Love is in the Air ~

Yes it's true, my little ole heart is going pitter-pat.  Flying by the seat of my pants with this quilt design has let the creativity flow.  The design layout has changed several times, I think it might be finished evolving.   

It all started with this little 5.5" Dresden Block.   You would think by its tiny size that it was a pain to make, but really it wasn't. If you can make a normal 12" block you can make this.

Fussy cutting is fairly new to me.  In the past I would avoid it at all cost.  It just seemed so tedious.  Well what was I thinking?  The fussy cutting has taken the simple design from the cutesy little ...awe...   To a big WOW!  

As usual there's a few quilty rules being broken.  Fusible and turned edge applique techniques are used in this project.   I'm sure that makes some ruler maker cringe.   The Dresden's and all the circles are turned edge. Turning the edges of the circles is the only way to get them perfectly least for ME to get them close to perfect.
There's a few more final touches to make before sharing the entire 24" block.  See you in a few days for the big reveal! 

Before leaving I want to give a big Hillbilly Hollar to Aunt Em's Soap.  This Mint soap has changed the look and feel of my skin.  It has the most amazing cent that you can't find at Walmart and it's gentle enough to use on my entire body.  Since I started using this a few months ago I no longer need to moisturize, the constant itchy skin is gone   It's priced higher than the yukky store bought stuff but it last so much longer, and I don't need to buy any products to repair the dry skin as with the other soaps. I think I'm actually saving money!  And to put the icing on the cake Em is a quilter and uses her tiny little scraps for packaging.  That's my kind of gal...use it up and re-purpose.  You can find Em's quilt an soap shop by clicking here.  Make sure you hop over to her quilt blog,  Em's Scrapbag, she always stitching up a scrappy beauty.

~  Lea Anne ~

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  1. Oh, I see another quilt filled with cuteness coming from your studio. The little Dresden’s and birds are adorable. Thanks for the info on Em’s soap.

  2. I use Ems soaps too and love them. Cute Dresden block!

  3. Love the Dresden blocks and those birdies are very cute.

  4. Thanks for the plug!
    Your applique blocks are beautiful!


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