Wednesday, February 6, 2019

~ Making Mini Design Boards Tutorial ~

I'm a day late but it's done finally.  Due to my busy week and my forgetful mind I forgot to take pictures as well as the video.   In my spare time this week I'll try to figure out how to pull pictures from a video, if it's even possible.  It might be just as easy to make another design board.  Video editing is new to me so a lot goes into making these short videos.  Bare with me as I learn this new skill.  

#quiltingtutorial #quiltingtips #podunkpretties

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  1. Great video tutorial. The camera angle was just right. Beautiful family heirloom ring. Wear it often, too pretty for the drawer! Thanks

  2. Nice job! I'm impressed! I think I might make one or two of these now. No spray baste for me, so they will just have to cope. Wonder if my older machine will cope with the sewing? Thanks lots

  3. I think you like that daisy on pokadot because it goes with your ironing board cover. Thank you for the tutorial. Would the washable glue work to hold the flannel down rather than spray baste?

  4. Great tutorial! I might just have to make some of these! Thanks!


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